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I love technology👨🏻‍💻, blue💙, & animal rights🐔

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New OSS Android Card Wallet app

Noticed this on Fdroid recently, it has a really nice UI and auto generates real barcodes from images. Their document scanner app is pretty nice too. It seems like early development so I'm excited to see it improve from here!

Is there any closed source android app that you wish had a good open source alternative?
  • Kvaesitso has won me over as a nice looking and very customizable open source launcher

  • Which of the among is the best exif remover app?
  • I liked Image Toolbox but Exodus reports it uses Firebase Analytics so I ended up sticking with Metadata Remover.

  • Gen Z is choosing not to drive
  • Another gen-z here, yeah I have no interest in something that requires me to pay insurance even if I'm not using it when my ebike gets me everywhere I need to go. Not to mention having way less potential to hurt someone else because of a lapse of attention on the roads. Add on the health and environmental benefits and that I don't pay for electricity in my house so it's free to fuel.

    Lots of these comments feel out of touch or just in touch with their own ideals a little too much.

  • Messages for Android Beta scheduled send broken
  • Same issue on v20231128

  • Sync for Lemmy Beta 29 release notes
  • I'm also confused; my version from the Play Store is v23. Edit: Oops I guess some broken comment hierarchy is still present in my build cause I couldn't see all the replies from Sync. Edit 2: Ok so the beta version isn't the same as app version, you can see beta version in parentheses here Settings shortcut: Everything else > Sync for Lemmy So I guess there are still some of these issues in the latest beta because I have beta v29.

  • Stories only for premium users?
  • The 10.0 Android beta removes the premium only limit so it should be coming soon once it gets to stable.