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Gaza toll could exceed 186,000, Lancet study says
  • Israel has killed almost 10% of the people in the last 9 months

    This is a slight misinterpretation. The estimate also includes deaths that will occur in the coming months and years because of the war.

  • Shots fired at Toronto Jewish girls school, police investigating
  • I'm struggling to wrap my head around this crime. Two people shoot five bullets at an elementary school before 5am on a Saturday, then leave with their getaway driver. This crime was discovered a few hours later by school staff reporting evidence of a shooting.

  • After World Court ruling, Palestinians want action not words
  • This is the ruling:

    "Immediately halt its military offensive, and any other action in the Rafah Governorate, which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;" Source

    Israel claims it's not inflicting those conditions so it will not stop the offensive. Source

  • Missionaries killed in Haiti by gang are state reps' daughter, son-in-law, nonprofit says
  • They were already there. “They made the decision to remain even when it got worse because they felt like if they left, then those kids would have no where to go" Source

    They were ambushed by gang members, after helping orphans at a church, in an attempted robbery. They were leaving the church and got attacked on their way home.

  • US and UK to back Israel over ICJ ruling after blurring their Rafah red lines
  • The vast majority of registered voters support Israel Even among Democrats most (77%) will still vote for Biden even if they disagree with him. I had a hard time finding registered voters opinions vs Democrat voters, so I could be wrong. The exact wording seemed to make a big difference. The most disapproval was seen among young voters. This really isn't a winning issue on either side.

  • How 2 debunked accounts of sexual violence on Oct. 7 fueled a global dispute over Israel-Hamas war
  • What are the new lies, can you point me to the part of the article? Pramilla Patten is a UN official, what motivation does she have to lie about the investigation?

    Calling the AP a tabloid is delusional. They don't always get things right but they deserve some credit.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • They likely knew he was actively wielding bladed weapons.

    I watched the full video. They were repeatedly told he didn't have any weapons. The clinician just said the man was violent and kicked him.

    I have no idea why they didn't use less than lethal first, they talk about it but I don't know which officer was tasked with it. It seems like they didn't expect him to be armed when they entered.

  • Not cool
  • Go to Applebee's and order Four-Cheese Mac & Cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders. The chicken tenders are excellent but the Mac and Cheese is the most watery garbage I've ever eaten. Then you will understand the true skill of making delicious Mac and Cheese.

  • Israel Threatens 'Severe Consequences' for Nations Who Recognize Palestine
  • Israel's Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, meanwhile, called for immediate punishment for the Palestinian Authority and expanded settlement construction in the Occupied West Bank as a response.

    This is unhinged, wanting to punish the PA for other countries recognizing Palestine.

  • Rishi Sunak announces UK general election for Thursday 4 July
  • Yeah I could see it being a strategy to keep as many seats as possible. After looking at the polling, the Conservative party has been declining in popularity since 2020. The best timing for them is ASAP because it's only getting worse. They are just about as unpopular as they were when Liz Truss was in office.

  • ‘Not genocide’ says Biden after ICC warrants sought
  • I'm not saying they can't prove it. They might be able to, the problem is connecting public statements to official Israeli policy.

    "I don't think there are any innocents there now, not now and not when I said those things," Vaturi said.

    It's not right, but he said this after an evacuation of the area.

    “I urge you to do everything and use Doomsday weapons fearlessly against our enemies,” Gotliv wrote on social media platform X, calling upon Israel to use “everything in its arsenal”.

    This is pretty vague and specifically mentions "enemies"

    In November, Galit Distel Atbaryan, Israel's former public diplomacy minister, called for Gaza to be “erased from the face of the Earth”, stating that the besieged enclave should be “wiped out” by a “vengeful and vicious” Israeli army.

    This guy isn't even in office, it is ironic he was a diplomacy minister

    Last week, lawmaker Moshe Saada said that widespread calls he had heard from the Israeli public to “destroy all Gazans” had proven that the “right-wing was right about the Palestinian issue”.

    This is a pretty good example but he never says that the right-wing policy is to destroy all Gazans, just that the public wants it.

    It's not such an easy thing to prove. There are plenty of right-wing extremists in Israel's government right now, it's likely they have crossed the line with their rhetoric but rhetoric isn't policy. I have yet to see any smoking gun evidence that Israel specifically intends to commit genocide (in a legal sense, not a moral or colloquial way).

  • UN suspends Rafah aid distribution and warns US pier may fail
  • Can anyone access the [Cogat data] ( on aid distribution, the site always shows a 404 for me?

    The UN keeps some data but since May 5th it is incomplete, and it doesn't include all the crossings into gaza. Since May 5th, only 69 trucks UN/INGO have been recorded entering Gaza. Source