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Anyone remember the cereals experience?
  • I'm from Chex© Squadron, and I volunteer!

  • YSK about the studies done about Online Disinhibition
  • Titles are editable on Lemmy, so you can fix the spelling if you want.

  • No way no-one remembers. RIP Scott Oelkers(Former President of Domino's Japan) for bringing us a masterpiece
  • Here's a great video by Nick Robinson about the app. He also interviewed the guy.

    The Mission to Save Dominos App feat. Hatsune Miku Nick Robinson 1.5M views 4 years ago

  • brewing tea with space vacuum?
  • Best answer right here, folks.

  • brewing tea with space vacuum?
  • That's the thing, the water is boiling, it just isn't hot. You're right that it wouldn't brew tea better than water at the same temperature at sea level though. I wonder how bubbling factors in, if at all.

  • Apple’s Tim Cook shares exactly how he uses Vision Pro headset every day
  • I think it's cool tech, but I think this article reads more like an infomercial interrupted by at least as much ad space that I can't in good conscience upvote the article.

  • YSK the full scope of the recent US presidential immunity decision
  • Here is a great article explaining the extent of the immunity.

    The 119-page decision affords the executive immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” in two layers—core constitutional acts that are absolutely protected, and presumptive immunity for official acts that are not core that can be overcome only if the government can show that applying a criminal prohibition on that act wouldn’t encroach on the functions of the executive branch. Unofficial acts are not protected.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but ordering mass executions seems to be barely in the presumptive immunity area, and also would be political suicide. There would be serious repercussions if any president ordered the excecution of any innocent American.

    I'm curious about your source of information about the restrictions on what evidence can be presented to the jury. I hadn't heard that before, and I'd like to learn more.

  • What is a good starting point for learning about quantum fields
  • I've really been enjoying the podcast series Crash Course : The Universe. It's helped me to understand what quantum fields are a little better. It's probably not going inti much depth, but I love the way John Green hosts it, and I'm having a blast!

  • I only want reality breaking stuff
  • IT vendor trainers: It's common knowledge.

  • foss audio slowdowner?
  • Glad to hear it! Mixxx has been one of my favorite projects to use, and they always surprise me with new features whenever I open it up!

  • xkcd #2924: Pendulum Types
  • My bad, I chose the first example video I could find that was less than five minutes long. I previewed it, but without audio since I was at work.

  • foss audio slowdowner?
  • Hmm, it looks like the first few messages there are doing initial setup. After that, it looks like it's having trouble loading some of its libraries. Then it isn't able to read your sound devices. I haven't run Mixxx with nixos or pipewire, but maybe try the flatpak? Sorry it isn't running out of the box for you.

  • foss audio slowdowner?
  • Mixxx can do all of those things, it's a free alternative to Serato DJ and similar. It's super straightforward to playback audio slowed to the exact BPM you need, loop it, and/or play it in a different key. Give it a try!

    Let me know if you need any help.

  • Signed up for direct deposit to reduce paper waste, but now I get a letter stating that I'll be getting a direct deposit...
  • Paper is renewable. The fuel used to transport it is not. And let's not forget the energy that goes into manufacturing and printing on the paper.

  • Genius Carjacked Lyft Driver After Arranging Ride In His Own Name
  • Even a taxi company would have at least his phone number from the caller ID tho. I don't think guys like this really think the process through

  • The amount of plastic from a Kinder Bueno 4 pack
  • We haven't been able to find a Walmart Pickup location that doesn't use way too many plastic grocery bags, so we finally got around to buying and using reusable bags, and it's so much better! I can actually bring in the groceries in one trip now. I'm never going back. IDK why the shoppers at Walmart insist on putting only 1 or 2 items in each plastic bag. I understand keeping some items separate for food safety, but this is ridiculous! I used to live close to my grandma who crochets plastic grocery bags into sleeping pads for unhoused folks, but we moved away from her and have no use for 20-30 plastic bags a week.

  • That's... the inside of a red bell pepper though


    Not an academic? Use the unseeable wood

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