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'they didnt want us posting': Furry hacker collective suspended after teasing breach of right-wing think tank
  • I’ve already provided you CFAA prosecutions and security professionals, both of which you can go find data on yourself. What more do you want? A third population? You want me to go link you all the data? Do I need to chew your food for you too? Every single time I provide an answer you move the goalposts further and further.

    You made the unsubstantiated claim that started this thread and you are continuing to make claims that you yourself have provided no data for. I’m still waiting for you to provide real examples of left-wing hackers focusing on torrents as a vector like your original comment.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about and you constantly double down. Have fun with that.

  • 'they didnt want us posting': Furry hacker collective suspended after teasing breach of right-wing think tank
  • You really don’t know the landscape, do you? Gay or furry hackers do, in fact, make up a significant number of security professionals. There are a ton of in-jokes about exactly this. There are several gay, furry hacking groups active at the moment, probably representing a large percentage of active groups outside of nation state APTs.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • Most sellers will take anything else before VA or FHA loans and most buying agents will try to get you away from them. Most sellers will also take cash over a loan, often even if the loan is a higher amount. I’m assuming a tight market like exist in most big US cities; reasonably priced houses go very quickly still in many places.

    I don’t know why the real estate conventional wisdom goes against the loan; it really frustrates me and limits accessibility.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • You said that people that don’t understand the different between credit and tenant risk have no business buying assets. Either you are very bad at communicating or you don’t understand that most people can’t afford to look at a home as asset. That’s a very upper middle class and beyond perspective, similar to a car being an asset. They have utility; they are not financial instruments.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • Rent payments aren’t reported to collection agencies so you’re absolutely correct, credit risk is a horrible metric risk to use when tenant risk could instead be used. I’m so glad you understand the on-time payment of rent is a much better way to determine whether or not someone can afford to a pay a mortgage, much less a mortgage with a lower premium. Credit risk is a bullshit metric that shouldn’t be used for mortgages at all; bank statements proving income and rent payments as well as whatever tenant letters you can scrape out of landlords are much better indicators.

    If you think the history of money going to keep a roof over someone’s head is worse than a made-up, opaque number that is explicitly intended to benefit those with capital, you have no business talking about real people and should go back to talking about the stock market.

  • 'they didnt want us posting': Furry hacker collective suspended after teasing breach of right-wing think tank
  • Now you’re moving the goalposts. You’re saying left-wing hackers need to go after something other than torrents but you haven’t even show that happens yet. You don’t understand your linked story if you think that applies.

    I think stats-wise, less than 10% of those convicted under the CFAA are right-wing. I don’t consider state actors to fall under the category of “hackers;” that’s probably a personal bias. I would want you to categorize those states as left or right and then provide stats since that’s your thing and you brought them in. You’ll also need to define where hacks for clout or cash land, since that’s a huge percentage of CFAA convictions.

  • 'they didnt want us posting': Furry hacker collective suspended after teasing breach of right-wing think tank
  • What? A good chunk of hackers are left-wing and go after authoritarian or repressive targets. I have no idea what you’re referring to unless you’re talking about the recent Korean ISP story which is so far off from your categorization.

    The other option is Poe’s Law.

  • Privacy, Identity and Payment in the Next Generation Internet [GNU Taler presentation]
  • You realize that Bitcoin is traceable, right? You kinda picked the wrong crypto to use as an example. Unless you’re completely in the Bitcoin system and never connect to any outside system or interact with anyone who interacts with an outside system or interact with anyone who interacts with someone who interacts with an outside system or so on (it’s not quite ad infinitum), you are most likely traceable. Tools like Chainalysis have been used by governments for almost a decade.

    Your other points aren’t really valid if you ever want to convert Bitcoin to something that isn’t Bitcoin. I’m not aware of complete supply chains and grids that exist solely on Bitcoin (or any combination of crypto for that matter) so things like having control of your money, needing ID, and trusting centralized entities (sure, exchanges plural) are a huge part of Bitcoin.

  • Rust has a HUGE supply chain security problem | Sylvain Kerkour | July 2, 2024
  • Part of this is because the article’s author pushes a lot of sensationalist content to drive traffic to their Rust book(s). I remember similar articles several times over the last year, at least one of which was a thinly disguised ad for the Black Hat Rust book. That doesn’t mean the author is wrong, necessarily, but it does get annoying after a bit.

  • "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."
  • ZeniMax was doing dumb shit long before Microsoft. Bethesda has had a clueless culture for more than a decade. 2019’s disastrous performance across almost all verticals not only showed how clueless both BGS and ZeniMax were, it also paved the way for the Microsoft acquisition so Altman could get his bag. Todd Howard and Pete Hines let their original successes go to their heads and forgot the market changes.

  • Price will increase by $10 for v1.0 after the Steam Summer Sale
  • While it’s certainly true that some classes of bugs are very easy to fix (“oh shit I forgot to apply the correct style”; “I mean to use this method whoops”), many bugs that exist in later-stage games require pulling a bunch of shit apart to figure it out. They’re in the same pool of difficulty usually as performance optimizations or balancing new functionality. Getting a successful test case can be difficult even if the bug is readily apparent. Getting the regression test to pass is the subject of a plethora of literature. It can be hard and difficulty often scales with codebase. If the bug was obvious and easy, it would have been done before.

    If it was obvious and easy and wasn’t done before because of time constraints, devs can still charge more because their wages should have gone up. This whole thread OP is kinda nuts (not the commenter I’m vehemently agreeing with and expanding on).

  • JetBrains RustRover Is Released and Includes a Free Non-Commercial Option
  • It wasn’t obvious because I’m not quite sure why someone would suggest using software that both needs regular updates and will never get any more updates because those updates along with good faith open source contributions have been moved behind a paywall.

  • Best Recruitment Agency for Dev Work w/ Chronic Pain?
  • The baseline cloud certs should be much cheaper. AWS Associate tiers are something like 150/test.

    You might also have luck with the big consulting companies. NTT, Slalom, Accenture, stuff like that. Might be less permanent but will pay pretty well.