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'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • That's bullshit. The USA kills innocent people, but I wouldn't ever say all Americans are not welcome. I wouldn't even say all Russians aren't welcome. Many people oppose their government and yet can't do anything about what it does.

  • After a particularly annoying update today
  • It's all about familiarity. People feel comfortable with Windows because they always used it and it has all the programs they always used. Most people just want to get their shit done and don't care about operating systems at all.

  • HDD or SSD for a home server?
  • I have Nextcloud running on a Pi4 and it runs like a charm. It has a lot of RAM and processing power to spare, actually. The good thing about arm mini computers is the exceptionally low power draw. You can't achieve that with some old x86 PC.