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Donald Trump runs for cover as shots fired at Pennsylvania rally
  • This will energize his base and he will win the election. It will also mean Republican domination of the House and Senate. The next two years will be a clusterfuck as normal and barriers are demolished and regular people begin to realize they've elected fascism. The midterms will begin to look like a blue wave, but then they will point back to moments like this to declare the Democratic party "illegitimate" and remove them from ballot access, if midterm elections happen at all.

    This is the end of any semblance of democracy in the US for at least a generation.

  • Two-Thirds of Americans — Including a Majority of Biden Backers — Want Biden to Drop Out
  • So many folks in here immediately jumping to "well Trump does the same thing but worse!" as soon as any question about whether Biden can win is raised, like asking if the candidate will actually appeal to the broadest swath of America is the first step on the slippery slope to becoming authoritarian. When did "Vote Blue no matter who" turn into "Biden is our only hope"? The people questioning Bidens ability to win aren't thinking about switching their vote off the blue ticket, they're looking at the data that suggests even with the Democratic base voting blue, it won't be enough to defeat Trump and are trying to think about how to expand and energize support for Democratic ticket.

    The fact is Biden has been even with Trump in national polls for months and has been losing in swing states. Trump's base isn't budging and based on the fact that Biden's abysmal debate performance didn't move the needle it's obvious that the Democratic base isn't budging either. So the only movement that is going to happen in this race are swing voters and enthusiasm.

    If Biden is going to run, great, I'd love to see him fucking do it! Because if his campaign is gonna be up this once a week, tightly controlled appearance bullshit, he is absolutely going to lose and will moreover drag the house and Senate down with him. If he can't turn things around, it's time to let someone else do it.

    It's true that we've never seen a party win that changed candidates this late in the election cycle, but it is equally true that an incumbent president that has an approval rating as low as Biden's has ever won reelection. If the Democratic party is going to win in November, one of those precedents is going to be broken; people are just trying to figure out which one will be easier to break.

  • MAGA panics before Donald Trump's first debate with Biden
  • Exactly this.

    "Sorry Mr. President, the policies you enacted during the triple hurricane saved thousands of lives, but the drug test you took beforehand were positive for mood stabilizers so we've invalidated your policies and everyone who was saved by them has been taken out back and shot."

    This isn't the fucking Olympics. But then debates are a terrible way to judge a president to begin with.

  • Judgment day looms for Donald Trump in New York | CNN Politics
  • He'll be convicted of at least some of the counts, but will immediately begin appealing the decision and won't face any consequences before the election.

    Maybe the fact that he's now a "convicted felon" will sway some people, but my guess is that most will simply move their own internal goalposts "since it's still being decided on appeal"

  • No Man's Sky: Orbital Update
  • Haven't kept up with this in a while, but this update looks awesome.

    Have they fixed the mechanic that pits you in an infinite loop of sentinels coming after you with no way to escape except to kill them but killing them instantly signals a new wave?

  • Aide tried to stop Trump praising Hitler – by telling him Mussolini was ‘great guy’
  • At this point we've reached a complete and utter death of euphemism around anything regarding Trump.

    All attempts to "bring to light" any horrible thing Trump has factually committed will be met by his followers with, "Well that's actually a good thing." And any politician trying to ride his wake will have to go along with it.

    How soon until we start hearing "Look, we have to view Hitler with some nuance" from the Senate podium.