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If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • That is not correlation; that is textbook conflation.

    If you want more educated voters, why not make it mandatory to attain higher education? You don’t need to answer that rhetorical question, we already know the answer; the Republicans would never win a state-wide or national election ever again.

    The reason to enfranchise more voters by making it easier to participate will not only moderate both sides of the political spectrum by requiring them to stop pandering to their base, but also serve to increase civic knowledge and experience in the general population.

    Young citizens are under-represented in government, and yet they are the ones who are going to be most heavily impacted by the policies enacted. They should have every right to have a say in how their future is shaped.

    If anyone should be excluded from the political process, it should be retirees. But of course this is also something else that the GOP wouldn’t ever allow they because again, they would never again win a state-wide or national election ever again.

    Returning to the original point; it’s not the 2000s anymore, and it’s perfectly acceptable to sign multi-year contracts with colleges and banks for tens of thousands of dollars - what makes voting any different?

    Beyond of course removing the voter suppression barrier that is likely there to serve your preferred candidate.

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • more educated voters

    Yeah, no - that’s not how it works in the US.

    There is only one political party intent on making it harder to vote (GOP), as they have long deduced that they are unable to win when voter turnout-out is high. Reminder that the only time a Republican president won the popular vote in the last 30+ years was in 2004 - and required both 9/11 and the incumbency advantage to get it done.

    Conservatives don’t want educated voters, they just want to incense their (gullible) base and disenfranchise everyone else from voting.

  • What's your financial cutoff point on game collecting?
  • PAL/R4 PS1/2/3 & PSP collector here; there’s no hard & fast cut-off rule.

    But I would need to have a deep and personal connection to the title, and it would need to meet a number of requirements (case type, game variant, CIB, disc scratches etc.).

    Even then, I’m still going to struggle to part with >$1,000 dollarydoos for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Special Edition!

  • How often do you consume the stuff you pirate? How do you avoid "hoarding"?
  • I downloaded the entire SNES catalogue when I was overseas; so glad I did that then as it’s become much more difficult over the past few years.

    II recently tried to download ISOs of my PS1 & 2 collections so that I could play them on my Steam Deck, and found out that at it’s actually a lot faster and easier just to to them myself - as whatever sources I can find are either dead links, or download so slowly that the connection is likely to time out before the download completes.

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • If you want someone popular; participate in the primaries and spruik for your preferred candidate.

    Until the US institutes preferential voting, citizens need to vote tactically in general elections. Vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the one who you oppose most. Abstaining from voting is just a vote for the opposition by proxy.

  • 32 percent of Americans believe a military regime or authoritarian leader would be a good way of governing the country.
  • I mean, I imagine if someone like Bernie Sanders became Dictator for Life; the quality of life for 99.999% of Americans would improve; so purely in a thought-experiment kind of way, it works.

    The issue with even the most benelovent dictatorships is the matter of succession.

  • Just A Light Dessert Rule
  • Reminds me of the interview with Rob McElhenney where in order to put on the weight necessary to play ‘Fat Mac’ he asked his assistant to buy a gallon of ice cream every morning and leave it on the counter to melt so that he could drink it in the afternoon.

    Basically, you can drink a lot more calories in a day than you could ever realistically eat.

  • They just walking outside now
  • I’m not an American, so my experience of the south is through a media lens - but surely there are some oasis of sanity amongst the sea of stupid? Austin, Texas is the first that comes to mind.. am I wrong?

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • Absolutely; but I was more interpreting what that one person commented on - rather than speaking for a larger community.

    Miles was absolutely hated on by racists, which is a massive L for them as Stan Lee had repeatedly said that one of the reasons why Spider-Man’s outfit covers him from head-to-toe is that anyone could see themselves in that character.

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • I wasn’t trying to imply that there aren’t any games with strong messages nowadays - we’re discussing all the hullabaloo about games being “too woke” now, after all.

    More-so I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of everyone railing against most modern games that dare to illustrate even the most milquetoast opinion counter to their own, while at the same time venerating the ‘good old days’.

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • I bought two pairs of jeans the other day, both exactly the same size, both the same style, but just different colors. The blank ones fit, the blue ones do not fit, explain that.

    I’ve experienced the same issue, not just with the waist but also the inseam!

    G-Star jeans are notorious for this; same style (eg. 5620s), same fit (eg. Skinny), different colours but different colours: I can fit in the 33, and 32, but the 34 is too small currently (I put in a few kg).

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • Games if anything are less woke now than they used to be. Forget games featuring female protagonists; well-loved classics like Final Fantasy 7 have strong underlying themes regarding pollution, climate change and environmentalism, and Metal Gear Solid was a biting critique of the military industrial complex all the way back in the 90s!

    Prior to the current, rampant commercialisation of video games - they used to be viewed as art or at the very least passion projects, intentionally designed with a strong underlying message.

    The problem now is that with the ubiquity of the internet, Gamers™ have unintentionally collaborated into creating echo chamber where the worst of humanity is given the largest soap box.