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ONLYOFFICE 8.1 released
  • Do you have a link providing clear info on that? Because I have seen only comments, no serious analysis on security whatsoever...

  • Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
  • Well, basque indepence movement involved several deaths, including "civilians", non politics or police related until 2000s, and people react quite pacific always.

    Whereas catalan movement is basically pacifist with some roadblocks and protests and some riots. In front, the typical anti riot police, not fun... but kind of expected.

    Honestly, I will be not surprised if this case ends in nothing as it is not clear it can hold in court ...

  • Friends don't let friends buy HiDPI displays
  • Legacy apps have problems in windows also, I guess in MacOS now basically you are not able to run them, but 3 years ago I remember same issues with old apps, blurry or pixelated...

    The main issue is gnome not letting apps to scale themselves, whereas kde has just a toggle for that. So in gnome you have consistent size across monitors (cool) but blurry apps when running in xwayland (horrible)

  • Friends don't let friends buy HiDPI displays
  • Xwayland apps (running in legacy xorg) are extremely blurry under fractional scaling, native wayland apps can have worse rendering but not very noticeable.

    The easiest way of checking if you have doubts is install xeyes and launch it. if xeyes follows the cursor inside the app you are tesing is in xwayland, if not is pure wayland.

    Electron apps have to be configured to use wayland, whereas If you are in Debian check Firefox (ESR) is using wayland or install it through the offical deb repo of mozilla the latest. I think in the archwiki are the envronment variables to check.

    And, for 125% maybe is just worth to you to just scale text to 1.20 using gnome-tweaks and leave it at 100% the scaling. It is not fancy, but it works. I have to use 150% so is too obvious/ugly to just scale the fonts....

  • FOSS alternatives to document scanner
  • I guess you are looking for an android app? I use Oss Document Scanner, and I am relatively happy with it

  • GNOME 46 is Coming in Hot With These 6 Features
  • I think the blurry of XWayland apps won't be solved in this release, there were some news that may be combined with the settings and make Xwayland apps to be able to scale themselves like in KDE, if I understood it correctly

  • #136 New Papers · This Week in GNOME
  • Hopefully Papers develop tabs, evince was always limited on that conpared to Okular...

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • Basically a good 1:1 , nice overview (three fingers up, three fingers down stop), and yes you can configure in gnome (through extension I know...) the three and four fingers gestures. Also, they are as smooth as a Macbook in my experience.

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • But then you have bad touchpad gestures... 😅

  • On the search for the ̶b̶e̶s̶t̶ decent presentation making software
  • I combine OnlyOffice with its DrawIO plugin. Drawio is also cool standalone app for diagrams I can recycle) that also has tex typesetting for formulas.

    Onlyoffice Is a bit annoying sometimes with sizes when going back and forward to powerpoint (common computer for presenting) but is more compatible than libreoffice in my experience. Biggest drawback is the lack of master slide mode, but I typically use the standard one.

  • In-progress COSMIC apps: terminal, file manager, text editor, and settings
  • It is looking very promising. I was a bit skeptic at first, but everything is looking quite polished. I am wondering, Will the terminal have support for images, in similar way to kitty or iterm2? And also another thing, Will the file manager has a three pane view? (macos finder, or ranger (tui) style)

    I know those two things are missing from gnome equivalents, and are quite handful for productivity, at least for me. Being more advance than gnome, but simpler than KDE would make COSMIC appealing for a lot of people I think.

  • 40,000 march in Spain against amnesty for Catalan separatists
  • If you want to see a real percentage of the people want to leave check the votes, not a referendum that was only favoured by one part, thats why it was 90%.

    Last elections and past elections was below 50% if I remember correctly, with PSOE and PSC (catalan socialists from PSOE).

    Sanchez is as vile as you would like, but actually now is in negotiations to stop prosecution and do an amnesty, I think you haven't followed news since 2017.

    And honesty, indepence within modern democracy is complicated because the country belong to everyone and no one, is public. You cannot take your part of the state (Elon Musk style...) and expect other people being ok with it so easily.

    And sorry, they are not opressed in colonial manner, they have representation, language, culture respected by the constitution as laws above all, and the same rights as all citizens in Spain.

  • How do y'all deal with sleep states on modern laptops?
  • With my x1 nano there is an option for s3, but ai didn't see many problems with s2idle like 5-10% after 8h overnight

  • Does pop-os 22.04 have enabled automatic updates?

    Something I have seen lately and I don't know if it's because my install, does pop-os have enabled automated updates? when I just log in I can see the apt-get running update (normal) but also running apt-get upgrade --dry-run? I have gnome-software instead of pop-shop but I have disabled automatic upgrades on the ui. Thanks

    Linux on ThinkPad X13s
  • What is the battery life/performance compared to a X1 nano for example (similar size but x86)?

  • Spain's unemployment rate falls to 15-year low of 11.60% in Q2
  • I am not saying otherwise, total working hours have increased, but if you divide by workers have decreased, .

    But if there were manipulation of data the amount of hours wouldn't increase. There is a difference in saying the data is manipulated and saying the data don't tell you the whole story, one questions the data and good faith, the other questions the completeness of the analysis.

    Furthermore, the unemployment rate doesn't tell you the whole story because working hours and salaries. The later have not increased meaningfully in the last 20 years... meaning people actually need to work more to have the same life level.

  • Spain's unemployment rate falls to 15-year low of 11.60% in Q2
  • What source are you using? This is EPA that is higher than the number of unemployment registered The comments about not finding spanish people....maybe not at the salary they want to pay...

  • Spain's unemployment rate falls to 15-year low of 11.60% in Q2
  • Stats are not perfect but they are not manipulated. People working less hours are still workers. Global working hours have also increased. Minijobs in Germany are similar.

  • Need to bring something out with you tomorrow? Physically block the front door with the thing tonight!
  • I do the same, and once I have the luggage, and backpack or whatever I count the number of "things" (2 luggage +backpack, three is it's also a bottle and so on) to take around, and repeat the count everything I move through the trip...