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Where to buy server replacement hdd to match existing RAID configured drives?
  • Someone more knowledge than me can correct me, but I'm pretty sure you could buy a newer bigger drive to replace an older drive. You obviously wouldn't get the full capacity as it would be limited by the other older slower drives. However, you would get a, theoretically, more reliable drive than a random one on eBay. Then as you replace older drives eventually you could have increased size.

    Caveat is that it will put stress on the old drive to rebuild, however you'd get that with any drive you put in. General wisdom I saw says to replace all the drives. Although that can be expensive.

    I'm any case make sure you have a backup before you do any of the changes.

  • How your FedEx driver is helping cops spy on YOU
  • I'll be honest that I didn't read the whole thing, but why does FedEx need vehicle data for other drivers to this degree? Only thing I can think of is for a collision or theft from a vehicle. A camera would be just fine without the other privacy invasion stuff.

  • Idaho library bans minors from entering without parental consent
  • They probably think that if they're not in the library they're spending their parents money at some store/coffee shop/restaurant. While that will be true for some I imagine the rest will roam around in hordes causing "mayhem". Either that or the church.

  • Looking for a gentle daily shampoo
  • Have you tried the "no-poo" method? It's supposed to be pretty good for curly hair.While I'm no expert and don't have hair anywhere near yours, I haven't used shampoo except when getting haircut. I use shea butter conditioner and I generally enjoy it. Just don't get the one they have at Costco. It's a weird mixture and I thought it smelled horrible when they rolled it out. (It has a green pump)

  • datahoarder talentedkiwi

    Case Recommendations

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what case I want to get. Part of me thinks hot swap bays would be nice (I've had a drive failure and figuring out which one would have been 10x easier with hot swap). Of course in the future I'll have labels with S/N on the drives so it's easier to find the drive.

    So provide me any case recommendations with 8+ drive bays if internal, and 6+ if hot swap. (I have a 5 drive pool now, but want to be semi future-proof).


    Turntable suggestions

    Currently looking at getting a turntable to get into vinyl. I'm looking to spend no more than maybe $500 (can be persuaded more for a decent reason). Sound quality isn't super huge to me but I still can still tell some differences. I'm not sure where to start so hopefully someone can help.

    So throw me some suggestions and hopefully I can find one I like!