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Was this considered 'piracy' back in the day?
  • The Wikipedia article has these relevant quotes from the court opinion:

    The question is thus whether the Betamax is capable of commercially significant noninfringing uses ... one potential use of the Betamax plainly satisfies this standard, however it is understood: private, noncommercial time-shifting in the home.[7] [...] [W]hen one considers the nature of a televised copyrighted audiovisual work... and that time-shifting merely enables a viewer to see such a work which he had been invited to witness in its entirety free of charge, the fact... that the entire work is reproduced... does not have its ordinary effect of militating against a finding of fair use.[8]

  • Mozilla Blog - Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox – Open Policy & Advocacy

    Browsers are the principal gateway connecting people to the open Internet, acting as their agent and shaping their experience. The central role of browsers has long motivated us to build ...

    What's your current favorite distro that isn't Arch, Debian or Fedora?
  • Alpine.

    I’m a longtime Arch user, and would have preferred to use Arch on a particular system, but didn’t want to deal with needing to babysit ZFS packages from AUR.

    So, I decided to use Alpine after never having tried it before, and ended up sticking with it. Like Arch, it’s both lightweight and has a capable/sensible package manager, which are the main things that are important to me.

    I haven’t had any growing pains from Alpine’s use of busybox/musl/openrc, things mostly Just Work!

  • People who dont particularly care for or celebrate Christmas, Whats your favorite Christmas song?
  • White Christmas, which was written by Irving Berlin, who was Jewish!

    I like it because of how intricately the melody is written. It ebbs and flows perfectly against the chord progression and feels much closer to a jazz standard than most other Christmas songs.

  • Is bit rot really a threat that I should worry about?
  • This is what I use, will work with any filesystem (it writes hashes in hidden/dot files) and on any OS as long as Python is available:

    It runs ahead of my nightly backup. If it fails, the backup won’t proceed.

    Edit: Because the script relies on hashing files, it uses tons of both disk IO and CPU when it runs, but the tradeoff is worthwhile to me.

  • Is bit rot really a threat that I should worry about?
  • Nightly automated runs of the chkbit script is the only thing that alerted me to the fact that either the SSD or storage controller in my Mac Mini had issues and was corrupting data. I was very thankful to have already had the automation in place for that exact scenario.

    It theoretically shouldn’t be necessary for filesystems that have built-in checksumming.

  • Compact Mode for Comments

    To my eyes, post comments in Bean are drawn with a fair bit of extra whitespace/padding, which increases the amount of scrolling required when reading comments. It would be great if Bean had a "compact" display setting for comments that reduced the padding and packed comments together more densely.

    Thank you for considering my request and for all of the work you do on Bean!