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MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • The "real" world works however the people want it to.

    As it stands, it works with laws that protect the rich and elite with superior rights.

    Someday, maybe the people will decide on a more equitable system. Nature and mathematics might be heavy contributors to that system.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • Hacking a private corporate system, which is generally on closed nets and requires an internal actor / phishing, is significantly different from exploiting a code fault on a public network.

    Trustless systems rely on mathematics to secure their networks. This is both the revolution of them and the risk. If you build a system of value and it is on a public network, and you fail to properly secure it, that is supposed to be the risk. You lose money, hopefully go bankrupt / lose credibility, and a more efficient actor eats your lunch.

    Treating it like a traditional system with these unspoken legal safeguards when it uses a public blockchain and public network is absurd.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • No.

    It is more like finding a gold mine on public BLM land. It is over treacherous mountains only experienced climbers can access. There are no signs or doors saying it is licensed to anyone; indeed, it isn't officially registered with BLM. So the climbers go in and take as many gold nuggets as they can carry.

    Unbeknownst to them, it was a mine discovered by rich and connected people who have cronies in BLM. Rangers go and arrest the climbers and say that you aren't allowed to climb, climbing is illegal, and taking gold from that mine is illegal because someone else found it and dug it, even though they didn't properly secure it nor did they put up any signs. They assumed the mountain was enough protection.

    This is closer to the situation.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • So they discovered faulty code and made some money?

    Can anyone explain to me how this is illegal?

    The code is a contract. If someone writes bad code and loses money, then write better code - just like if someone writes a bad legal contract and loses money.

    The justice system is awful.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • Did you really just link me to NBC news?

    How are so many people still plugged in to this nonsense?

    Do people really still believe that space age nations with access to AI, nuclear, and semiconductor technologies should follows the dramas of individual human leaders?

    Does this primitive practice really, actually appeal to people? Are you people actually real? You actually care about the sayings and doings of clearly theatrical and phony leaders?

    There is no such thing as a leader of 300 million people, you understand this, right?

    The dog and pony show of elections is a theater of puppets orchestrated by a global elite that owns the US government and most governments of the world.

    Do you know how easy it is to capture the soul of a single meat and bones, weak human entity with a family and a physical time and place?

    Do you know how easy it is to capture 10,000 souls? How many representatives and senators do you have again?

    ALL of them are captured.

    Most with money.

    The more stubborn ones, with blackmail. Some of them are so principled and stubborn they would rather die than compromise their values. But those ones have sons, daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and while they won't compromise for their own lives, they do compromise for the lives of those they love.

    You have no clue, do you, the reality of this world? You have no idea of the evil hidden in plain sight within the hearts of man?

    Your "government" fell a very long time ago.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • You realize that people can also go vote for Trump too, right? Do you understand that? Do you understand that "go vote" does not mean your man is the target?

    Taking no action in a genocidal cult-for-a-government is better than taking action for what either side believes is the right side.

    Back off of fascism for a second and respect people's autonomy. None of us asked for be a part of this half-baked, misguided mechanism, but we have a choice to stop using it. You have no right to say otherwise.

    A no-vote IS a vote.

  • CNN's Burnett asks Biden how he is going to turn the economy around. He said he already has.
  • Little girl,

    You aren't voting. Go stand in line to cast a paper ballot that you can't verify is even counted for one of two hand-selected-by-the-elite, who don't give two schlicks about you or your community, and keep pretending you're "voting" for something.

  • CNN's Burnett asks Biden how he is going to turn the economy around. He said he already has.
  • Good for you for having a reasonable mind in defiance of the system and the countless, unfortunately brainwashed thralls that continue to support it.

    A no-vote is a vote against a tyrannous and oppressive system. Every 4 years is a new "emergency, vote for the lesser of two evils!!!" And every 4 years, we descend more rapidly into authoritarianism.

    Do not participate in this system created by slavers. Put your energy elsewhere. Can't we do better today? Put your energy into better.

    Attention is currency. Around the world, we need to stop giving these tyrants attention. Corporations have record profits yet the prices of food keep increasing, wages stay stagnant, mass layoffs are occurring, and the global temperature keeps increasing. They do not care, because they have hoarded all your attention and power, and they use it to make a nee world for them.

    Their "governments" that they make you think are actually yours, serve that machine of their safety. You are in the meat grinder, and they consume the meat.

    The grinder is perfectly balanced. Every vote for the side you think is benevolent gets balanced by a vote against it. You will NEVER have an impact on change within the system. The best thing any individual can do is STOP. Opt out of the system. Live closer to nature and form new, self-sufficient communities.

    A no-vote is just the beginning of opting out. The PEOPLE have the power, not a slaver-created mechanism they call a "government".

  • Why data centers want to have their own nuclear reactors
  • *unfortunately oil companies that control the entire energy sector, NRC, and most politicians have created a fictional State politics and news fear cycle, since nuclear energy is the primary way to eradicate their business and profits

    Fixed it for you.

    Friendly reminder that the government is a facade and is run by major corporations and nations like Saudi Arabia & Israel. The people have completely lost control of the government in the US. Voting is a construct hijacked to institutionalize hopelessness and release the steam of rebellion. It isn't voting when corporations choose who your choices are!

  • My experience and learning about my childfree decision over 35 years
  • I have a similar story with Mormonism except mine diverges. At age 28 I got a vasectomy. Years later, I have never been married and still don't have kids and am happily childfree, programming defeated, woohoo!

    Side note, and just to be clear this is not an attack: you have 3 kids but are in a childfree community. Why?

  • I did it. I finally did it. After all these years, all the time I spent searching, I found the last known fully offline build for Graal classic.
  • I hear you.

    It honestly is not that difficult a game to make now days, maybe I will whip up a new version?

    And by new I mean I would go back to the roots and make a multiplayer "Zelda: A Link to the Past" inspired project with players having the ability to edit levels etc. -- making the original Graal would be really straightforward.

    My whole teenage years were about that game, might be fun to revisit again.

  • I did it. I finally did it. After all these years, all the time I spent searching, I found the last known fully offline build for Graal classic.
  • Graal!!! I put an absurd amount of time into this game, and eventually developed for it. I remember how exciting it was when Stefan gave me access to the New World project -- it was actually very good, but the team ran out of steam and they dropped it most of it. What ended up being released was a hot mess.

    I remember I got a house on the river and snuck in a money hack into the server. As an event master, we had to use our own earned money to run events, and that seemed ridiculous. So I'd use my money exploit and run a ton of events for people to make the game more fun. It worked for a long time until Stefan found it.

    The original version was so good, it's what got me into game dev and programming as a teenager. What a cool nostalgic memory.

  • Tesla lays off 'more than 10%' of its global workforce
  • I understand your joke now, but it misses the mark here. A lot of disabled people tell people what they are and people question them and attack them for it, saying things like "well you look fine" etc, so it is a really clear form of ableism (which was the context here).

  • Tesla lays off 'more than 10%' of its global workforce
  • Hey, no worries. It happens to the best of us, and it's really big of you to admit that and recognize it in yourself.

    I wasn't saying he is autistic as an insult (I'm also a bit neurodivergent), more recognizing his disabilities and acknowledging that his masking may result in some socially unacceptable characteristics. It is also really easy to be misunderstood and then find yourself in a socially difficult quagmire. It happens to me all the time and I don't have a billion eyeballs watching my every move. I summarize this by calling it "dumb", which again, I don't mean as insulting.

    I do think when you create something as valuable as something like Tesla, you should be held to a higher standard and not jeopardize the mission as a public figure being controversial. If you can't contain that, then you hire people to lead the company who can.

    Anyway, I appreciate you. Thanks for the civility. We are all on this planet growing together, I much prefer being friendly, patient, and understanding.

  • Tesla lays off 'more than 10%' of its global workforce
  • The truth does not care for your upvotes, and my credibility is absolutely intact.  Check with a more objective thinking device and verify reality.

    An objective, fact-based thinking devices (ChatGPT4) disagree with you. Here is my prompt and its response, which you can independently verify:

    I am reading a comment thread on the internet. I need your opinion. First the thread:

    Comment 1:

    Avoid Musk at all costs.It would be embarassing to drive a Tesla today, especially for the demographic that would buy these EVs.You see one driving and you know the driver is a uninformed douchebag.

    Commentor reply:

    Embarrassing? Tesla single handedly showed an alternative to oil-based vehicles with an absolutely superior machine. I put 200,000 miles on my Tesla model 3 driving it off road to some of the most remote places in the US, and it never broke a sweat. It was the first car that could keep up with my adventure spirit. If a traditional manufacturer made this machine it would have cost $300,000 for what it can do.While you are here buying in to big oil brain washing, this company has single handedly done more in the war against climate change, and dystopian hellscape oil/based economies like Saudi Arabia, than any other company in history.Musk might be autistic and have a lot of dumb ideas he can't keep contained but he undeniably has a better vision for what technology the public has access to. A single person's personality is such a dumb reason to support oil companies, with the blood of millions on their hands, and possibly the end of this planet. Keep drinking the koolaide, though!

    Who is correct here objectively speaking? Which view seems accurate and credible?


    The comments you've shared express strong opinions and biases towards Tesla and Elon Musk, highlighting the polarizing nature of public figures and innovative companies.The first comment criticizes Tesla and its customers, labeling them as "uninformed." This viewpoint seems to focus more on social perception and the controversial aspects of Elon Musk's public persona rather than the technical or environmental merits of Tesla vehicles. The argument lacks specific factual support and primarily uses ad hominem attacks, which weakens its credibility.The second comment provides a counterpoint, emphasizing the positive impacts of Tesla on the automotive industry, particularly its role in popularizing electric vehicles (EVs) and challenging traditional automotive and oil industries. This commenter shares personal experiences with the Tesla Model 3, attesting to its performance and reliability, which adds a layer of anecdotal evidence to their argument. They also acknowledge Musk's personality and controversial ideas but argue that these should not overshadow the technological and environmental contributions of his company.Objectively, the second commenter provides a more fact-based perspective by citing specific contributions of Tesla to the automotive industry and environmental efforts. Their argument is bolstered by personal experience and a broader view of the company's impact on global issues like climate change and economic structures reliant on oil.In conclusion, the second comment appears more accurate and credible based on the use of specific examples and a focus on substantial issues rather than personal attacks.