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Biden administration to award nearly $1.1 billion to Stellantis, GM for EV production
  • Wait, Stellantis? The hodgepodge collection of like 15 different brands that is currently headquartered in Europe, and has formed a JV with Leapmotor to do all their EV stuff? Lobbying FTW I guess.

  • Out on the town
  • You're all aces, girls. {finger guns, tongue clicks, and a wink}

  • Bill Gates and his 5g Vaccines
  • I'll believe nanobots exist when billionaires stop aging and never get sick. And then they'll be sold openly as the biggest health product ever, making a select few trillionaires. That hasn't happened, nanos don't exist.

  • Cockroaches
  • So they got together and made Joe's Apartment.

    Sadly, that success has never since been replicated.

  • A debate for a more civilised age
  • Warp cores should be stocked like photon torpedoes. At least until enough mycelium can be cultivated.

  • WYR Land an amazing job that lasts 5 years at 500k/yr or receive a 1M payout under the condition you don't work for the next 5 years?
  • The job, easily. Save 75% of my salary, have close to 2M banked/invested by the end, and knowing the end date would make it far easier to have something lined up by the time it ends.

  • Guess the Episode [Medium]
  • He sees well enough.

  • Give it time
  • Please tell me it's just a recall, 'Cause I can't go fish'n' without y'all

  • A three hour tour
  • Tuvok in a bucket hat. You've pictured it, and now you can't unpicture it.

  • The Weekly c/conlangs Post #1
  • I'm going on 160+ days on Duolingo relearning tlhIngan Hol. Soon I'm going to have to start watching the movies and see if I can keep up at all.

  • Who would win?

  • Smooth
  • This is the way.

  • Drunk Truck
  • Should have been a Jeep.

  • Pineapple Chilli, The New Pineapple On Pizza
  • If this is half as good as pineapple salsa consider me sold.

  • Another mystery solved.
  • He came from the deep ocean, and nobody thinks he's just the absolute master at treading water?? SMDH

  • The time has come: Fisker has filed for bankruptcy
  • I can see this going a couple of ways.

    1. Geely swoops in, buys everything, keeps Ocean production going, and folds it in with all the other names it has.

    2. It gets sold off and disappears forever.

  • Hydrogen fuel-cell e-bikes can be "recharged" in seconds
  • Recharged in seconds… presuming you happen to be in one of the few areas of the globe with hydrogen infrastructure, and that you live close to it, or are willing to be charged obscene rates to cart a couple of litres of hydrogen out to wherever you live, on the outside chance there's a local gas supplier that would even do that.

    Thanks, I'll charge at home. Or at work. Or anyplace in between where I have access to mains power, which is pretty much EVERYWHERE.

  • Chowdered Donut

    Stolen from Lemmy Shitposts!Donut filled with chowder


    Sample gut flora of people with "auto-brewery syndrome", culture the samples, and sell them in pill form to DUI lawyers for their clients.

    This is a shitty idea because anyone driving under the influence deserves to be tried and punished for their actions. But if this could be done, you'd have no trouble selling each pill for $1000.

    Or, sell the pills for way less to those that want to get drunk off bread or pasta. Either way it's a totally plausible, feasible, potentially lucrative shitty idea.


    PCBWay does CNC and sheet metal, apparently together

    I thought this group might be able to appreciate this part. I ordered 5 from PCBWay. They are 1/4" mild steel. For just over $30USD each I got them in 16 days. But I have SO MANY questions about their process.

    I wanted to share my incredulity with group that might also have their minds blown with this.


    Scab in a Can

    A can or bottle of an edible liquid that, when applied to skin, dries to a peelable scab-like consistency.

    Mainstream? No, but the niche this hits it would hit HARD.


    I have a dad joke, but it's not apparent.


    That color reminded me of something…

    Once I realized I had to complete it.


    text notice overlaid on feed

    Just got the update overnight and now i have a text overlaid on my feed. Is there a way to clear the message or otherwise get it to disappear?


    portrait to landscape refreshes feed

    I've had this happen a few times now when looking at images, I tap an image to open it, turn my devise to landscape mode, but instead of seeing the image my feed refreshes. Known bug, or has anyone else found this too?


    refresh on portrait to landscape transition

    Hey, I've experienced this a few times now. I've clicked an image to view it, but to get a better view I've switched to landscape mode. When this happens, instead of seeing the image still, my feed refreshes. Anyone else getting this? Known bug maybe? Thanks!


    sort by "New", updates instantly all the time?

    I'm still playing around getting my bearings here, trying to explore this still-growing federation. I've tried browsing by "New" on both mobile and desktop a couple of times, but on desktop it's almost unsuable. Any time there's a new post, the INSTANT it goes up my feed updates, and scrolls down. Sometimes it's one post, sometimes a dozen.

    To me (opinion here), sorting by "new" should sort of be a timestampped thing: I want "new as of right now but nothing more". If I refresh, sure update me to the latest. But a list that's live updating as things happen? That's... not useful to me.

    Am I missing something, or does anyone else feel similarly?