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Backing up photos and videos from an Android phone?
  • Yeah I don't want locally deleted media (to free up space) to sync those deletions to my remote.

    My crypted remotes wrap a B2 Backblaze one which doesn't delete, just hides. Periodically I go clean it up.

  • Backing up photos and videos from an Android phone?
  • Not in any app store and have to download and install from GitHub.

    It is an Android wrapper around rsync rclone.

    Setup a remote, setup tasks, and setup triggers. Mine syncs every night. It supports encrypting with your own keys. Large number of remotes supported from self-hosted to cloud.

  • Question about NAT
  • Looks good to me. Interface to Dest Ports are your match conditions. NAT IP/Port are the translations performed on each packet matched inbound and the Dest.

    Traffic going the other way reverses this operation on the Src instead of destination.

    That's an over simplification of NAT, but for basic port forwarding the general principal holds.

  • Is it possible for my ISP (or the router in my network) to modify results of someone else's DNS?
  • They can modify the DNS packets still. They aren't encrypted or signed so the authenticity of a response packet cannot be verified. Parental controls from ISP relay on being able to snoop and modify your DNS (and SNI from TLS ClientHello packets).

  • is this the right way to establish boundaries with my nosy coworkers at the hospital?

    Its dated and probably misogynistic given the period, but when I did read it many many years ago, the broken record technique is probably the one thing I do remember. It also had some role play dialog for how others may try and break the loop. I found it helpful at the time.

    I think I read/heard something similar in one of the Love and Logic parenting books/ebooks. "Maybe so, but <repeat assertion>" comes to mind. Acknowledge the statement that attempts to break the loop, don't add any new information, and repeat the assertion.

  • Discord consistently using 8-10% of CPU while it's "NOT running"
  • I use for blurring my background in apps that don't support it. It shows how many connected clients there are. I noticed the count goes up/down every second when discord starts. I've been meaning to dig in more, but my hypothesis is that its taking a picture every second. It stopped when discord exited. This is unverified, so take with a grain of salt. It could of just been a coincident.

  • Anyone using a Neovim distribution? Which one?
  • LazyVim. Didn't have time to do everything manually when I wanted to cut over from regular vim. I have quite a few customizations on top, but its a pretty solid base. I use with neovim nightly via nixos.

  • Witness tells House Ethics Committee that Matt Gaetz paid her for sex: Sources
  • Hard agree, but it's a rather "progressive" view for the political party hell bent on deconstructing reproductive services and eroding privacy to access porn.

    It is also still illegal I believe? The lack of any consequence just highlights its a dumb law, demonstrates it only serves as a poor tax, and exposes all their theocratic preaching as just rules for thee and not for me to strip away freedoms.

  • Self hosting is hard. How do you overcome?
  • Immutable Nixos. My entire server deployment from partitioning to config is stored in git on all my machines.

    Every time I boot all runtime changes are "wiped", which is really just BTRFS subvolume swapping.

    Persistence is possible, but I'm forced to deal with it otherwise it will get wiped on boot.

    I use LVM for mirrored volumes for local redundancy.

    My persisted volumes are backed up automatically to B2 Backblaze using rclone. I don't backup everything. Stuff I can download again are skipped for example. I don't have anything currently that requires putting a process in "maint mode" like a database getting corrupt if I backup while its being written to. When I did, I'd either script gracefully shutting down the process or use any export functionality if the process supported it.

  • The Christian right is coming for divorce next
  • Also semi-sane US citizen. Same feelings. Would not be surprised if there is a major civil incident within the next 20 years.

    Lower class is fucked without anything to lose.

    Middle class is getting milked dry to keep infinite growth alive.

    Wealthy R class keeps making these rules for thee not for me proposals in order to seize control.

    Wealthy D class, other than a handful of progressives, are just as corrupt with better marketing. Complacency over Israel's actions put some light on it at least.

    These dinosaurs who are running these crimes against humanity won't retire from office.

    R has been stupidly effective at wrapping up hate in "christian love." I can't even understand how people buy into this crap. Wealth and power is all they want. These social issues to keep people infighting is so blatant and obvious.

  • How can I easily and conveniently transfer files wirelessly between my linux computer and android phone?
  • I use rclone and the Round Sync Android client.

    Supports a ton of back ends, self hosted, and commercial options. You can transparently encrypt with private keys you control.

    I personally use B2 Backblaze for storage.

    My phone backs up every night and Round Sync pushes them to B2. On my desktop I can mount as a volume. I can also access my storage from my phone going the other direction.

    I've done the same using SFTP if I don't want the overhead of persistent file storage.

    It does not support indexing or previews for searching or finding say a photo. You can put whatever you want for data. So I have caches, indexes, and thumbnails that work in Linux. I can't really make use of those on my phone though.

    Rclones bisync feature is also a bit dangerous when I tried to use it a year ago. I more than once "deleted" everything. B2 doesn't delete by default, just hides, so I was able to recover. I now do unidirectional syncs from my machines to different buckets until I'm motivated to investigate a proper 3-way merge solution.

  • What are some activities which are free or inexpensive that I can do to entertain myself / keep good mental health while searching for a better paid job?
  • Pre-COVID I used to find software dev meetups. I found this patent law firm that did Haskell meetups once a month with beer and pizza. I guess they wrote custom software to analyze patents as I was surprised this was coming out of a law firm. Learned a lot and job openings were discussed by various members from other companies.

  • Tailscale running at full force during the night?
  • This is news to me. That said, I'm usually one generation behind but upgrade every 2 years as my phone is usually EOL for software updates by the end of the period. I try to time it so I can get a replacement paid outright at mid-range prices.

    With the Pixel 8 introducing extended software support, I'll have to dig more into this.

  • Tailscale running at full force during the night?
  • I'm on Graphene. Mullvad is only 1% for me with 16h30min since last on a charge. I'm at 56% with 1h30m screen time.

    I used GPS as I did some driving with maps and my music app accounting for 29% of my battery usage.

    I throw my phone on the charger at night figuring battery tech and software management is good enough.

    Are you WiFi or mobile? I get shitty mobile service so if I'm off WiFi my battery tends to go to shit. The VPN usually accounts for more as I assume it keeps reconnecting.

  • what foss phone OS do you use and why?
  • I'm using Graphene. The Pixel requirement I believe is due to the Titan chip: has caught my eye. When I last installed Grapheme, you had to install eSIMs using the factory ROM then install Graphene. Divest I guess had support without Google services. I think Grapheme does now also, but before I get my next phone I'll weigh it as an option.