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The 20 best open-source alternatives to popular software on Windows
  • It's a lot more fully featured. It's allows for a lot more complex mixing and editing. It supports a lot more plugins including virtual instruments. Audacity is good for basic recording and mixing but Ardour takes it to the next level in terms of versatility and control.

  • When you're bored, but realize it's too early to start drinking
  • Has anyone else noticed the purple motif throughout the show? Starting somewhere around season 3 purple is just everywhere: costumes, scenery, lighting, props. It's such a bizarre creative choice that I have never seen in another show. Maybe Tina just likes purple.

  • Full movies on YouTube sangriaferret

    Strange Brew (1983 1080p)

    Hamlet with beer


    Thoughts on Schick Injector?

    It's the only safely razor I've ever used and it has proprietary blades. I wondering how they compare to other blades and if it would be in my interest to switch to a different razor. I know some people are going to say go Feather or go home but what about other available options?


    Can you retrieve hidden posts?

    I have my feed set to hide posts after I've scrolled past them but it seems once they are gone they're gone. Is there a way to see things you've hidden if I want to revisit a post?

    Connect A Song sangriaferret

    Elvis Presley - Hard Knocks

    Hard knocks


    Anyone else having trouble with word filters?

    I need a break from news in middle east and added some keywords to filter out but it doesn't seen to be working.

    To clarify, the words should be comma separated, no?


    Blur NSFW stopped working

    Show NSFW toggles just fine but blur quit working at some point


    Will there be a history function?

    Boost for reddit had a "history" feature in the lateral menu showing all posts that you clicked on.


    Expand/zoom images in comments?

    Right now images in the comments are fixed to the thread width and I can't open them or zoom in to see detail.


    Jimmy Smack - Anguish (1982)

    Los Angeles weirdo from the early 80's. Avant garde death rock? I figured some fans of post punk would dig this.