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It's Saturday, what have you watched this week?
  • I finished watching the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy - I really hope we somehow get a third season!

  • whats something that brings you back to your childhood happy place?
  • I have a weird one! The smell of one of the hand sanitizer brands ("Germ X") always brings me back to Kindergarten when we'd all line up for some hand sanitizer before lunch and after recess, then right before going home for the day. Times were so much simpler back then.

    I don't have a lot of "visual" memories left of those times, but the smell of that specific hand sanitizer brand seems like a memory that will never fade for me.

  • Why do you still hate Windows?
  • I dual boot on my primary/desktop PC, and only run Linux on my laptop and Steam Deck.

    I find more often times than not, I feel like I'm either fighting with Windows or it does these small but annoying things that when added up tend to really get on my nerves. For example, one thing that I've been running into a lot (and happened earlier today) is if I put my computer to sleep while its booted into Windows, it'll randomly decide to wake itself up for who knows what reason - flooding my room with light often times while I'm trying to sleep or relax. It does it enough where I should by now remember to just physically turn off my monitors when I put my computer to sleep, but why should I have to? The 95% of the time that I'm booted into Linux, if I put my computer to sleep it stays asleep until I explicitly wake it up, and thus I haven't formed a habit to turn the displays off.

    The only reason why I even keep Windows around on this PC is to occasionally play Destiny 2 and some VR stuff with friends every now and then.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • As another person who also has Crohn's, that sounds absolutely perfect!

  • Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • I can't speak for Epic Launcher games (I know that Heroic Games Launcher exists but I've not personally tried it with Epic games) however Blizzard games absolutely can be played in SteamOS - you can utilize something like Bottles or Lutris to install the Blizzard launcher, and then download the games from it as normal and run them. It is how I originally played Diablo 4 on my Deck before I picked it up again on Steam. I swear I remember both Bottles and Lutris even having an "Add to Steam" option to integrate shortcuts directly into Steam (and thus, coming up in the Gaming Mode UI) but don't quote me on that one.

    Blizzard games are actually some of the earliest non-Linux-native games that I remember running very well back in the days where we just had Wine (before Proton, DXVK, etc) which is something that always impressed me.

  • Now i gotta try it
  • This statement is false!

  • Any "undiscovered" games you think deserve more attention?
  • Turbo Golf Racing

    It's pretty much "Rocket League meets golf", with two different types of modes:

    • Racing: Everyone has a ball that they're pushing in real time as quickly as they can to the goal
    • Golf: Everyone has a ball that they're trying to get into the goal with as few turns (its a turn based mode) as they can

    Doesn't have any microtransactions in it (aside from a couple of supporter packs that grant you a few cosmetic items), has an in-game "store" but they're cosmetics that you unlock with currency that you get from playing and doing challenges (they can't be purchased with "real" money).

    I enjoy the fact that I can pick it up, play a few matches, and then put it down, which is one of the reasons I like to play Rocket League every now and then.

    Do note that for the most part the game is multiplayer-only, like Rocket League. It has a time trial mode that can be played offline, but that's about as far as it goes for offline/singleplayer content.

    Runs fantastic on the Steam Deck (it is Deck verified) and I can easily reach 90FPS on my OLED Deck. It also of course runs perfectly on desktop as well via Proton.

  • This Tiny Robotic Pill Eliminates The Need For Hospital Visits In Stomach Cancer Detection
  • I had one of these done for an endoscopy - it ended horribly. It got "stuck" so I ended up having to have surgery for it to be removed.

    Getting that surgery coordinated and scheduled took months all the while my health was declining. Eventually it got so bad that I couldn't hold down food and I had to be pre-admitted to the hospital a month before the procedure and put on IV nutrition...

    Granted I do have an autoimmune GI condition which is what prompted that test in the first place, and the chances of this happening is supposedly quite small but... Yeah I'll take the endoscopy and colonoscopy over even that small chance of going through all of that all over again...

  • Phone Link is Microsoft's late and closed source alternative to KDE Connect. It requires you sign in to a Microsoft Account for it to work.
  • I'm not sure if this is a Pixel feature or if its available across all of Android, but there is an option when you connect over USB to connect your phone as a webcam - but that is of course tethered instead of being wireless.

  • Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • Let us know how it goes, and if you have any further questions, feel free to give us a shout!

  • How are you lemmy peeps?
  • I'm a bit upset at my GI's office, I was supposed to have a follow up appointment with them on May, then they rescheduled it for August due to a conflict with the doctor's schedule, and now they've called me again to say they need to reschedule it again for the same reason...

    I would love to switch doctors, but there aren't many GIs in the area that I live (that I haven't already been to, its been a horrendous battle) - missed their call so I'm not sure how far out the scheduling is now, but I wouldn't be surprised if its nothing sooner than October...

    So, I'm off to a great start today. Hopefully that is the only negative thing that occurs today.

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • No problem! It looks like there's an AUR package for it - though exercise caution since it is still in beta. That being said, 555 has been in beta for a bit now, so I expect it'll probably be promoted to an official release imminently.

    Definitely would give Wayland another try once the newer Nvidia driver is installed later on (either via the beta or the official release). I don't use an Nvidia card anymore (this bug is precisely what caused me to switch, ironically - it has been around for a while and got worse for me when 535 came around) but I've heard from a lot of folks that it resolves the flickering issue.

    Either way, I'm glad to hear that you're glitch free now - and on a side note, it appears its your cake day so happy cake day!

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • I'm pretty sure the explicit sync fix requires the 555 beta version of the Nvidia driver to be installed, as there's a driver component that's required.

    What distro are you on? If it has a decent way to install the 555 beta that would probably be a good route to go with - but otherwise, no, switching to X11 shouldn't require reverting any settings at all. I used to switch between the two sessions all the time, right before you enter your password on the login screen (you have to be completely logged out, not just at the screen lock) click the menu at the bottom right and it should have a "Plasma (X11)" option.

  • Thoughts on Desktop Operating Systems in 2024
  • Ah, gotcha - yeah that is definitely one of the pitfalls of Linux gaming still, which is the "there's so many different configurations and some of them just work, others don't" issue. I have an AMD card so perhaps it is an Nvidia issue - hopefully those sorts of issues smooth out once NVK is fully ready to go.

  • Thoughts on Desktop Operating Systems in 2024
  • What issues does Forza have on Linux? I can't speak for the Motorsport series, but I've been playing 4 and 5 on my Steam Deck and desktop for a while now without issue.

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • Exactly the same for me too haha, I've beat the ender dragon with friends before on shared worlds, but I've never beaten it in my own single player world.

    I generally have really short bursts of playing MC these days, and by the time I play again a new update has come out so I usually just completely reset to new world features and such. I know that they generate in unexplored chunks and that you can go prune chunks and whatnot, but rather than spend time doing that I'd rather just spend the time playing. Hell, these days I don't even usually get to the stage of getting Netherite gear.

  • Recommendation for a high-quality webcam for Linux
  • I haven't tried it myself, but I believe the OC is referring to the webcam USB mode that Pixels (idk if this is an Android feature or a "Pixel" feature) have. To enable it, connect over USB then you'll have a notification along the lines of "Charging this device over USB".

    If you click that notification it'll let you enable Webcam over USB mode, which I assume just causes the phone to act as any other webcam device would.

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?
  • I've had some really bad brain fog for most of the year, so while I'm generally not able to recall them on the spot, I certainly do see quite a few that makes me go "Oh hey I remember that one!".

    I like that the Threadiverse is still kinda at the size that this still happens quite a bit.

    I'd be very surprised if I were recognized since I've been quite bad about contributing to the conversation, but I still enjoy things around here nonetheless!

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • Things are also constantly improving over time as well, so its very possible that OP's setup was somewhat problematic a while ago but have since been resolved.

    Which would also make sense if the hardware itself was super new at the time, and didn't have proper kernel modules for it when it was originally released perhaps.

  • A new "Watch Unlock" feature seems to be rolling out

    I just had this notification come up, not sure if it's exclusive to Pixel Watches (appears to be Pixel Watch exclusive currently) and Pixel phones - but seems to be a more "intelligent" version of Trusted Devices since supposedly the range is shorter, and it requires your watch to be unlocked.

    Seems nice. If your phone is unlocked by the watch, a screen on the watch will appear for a few seconds that lets you relock the phone (and I suspect prevents it from unlocking again until the PIN is entered).

    Obligatory "trust your surroundings" disclaimer if you enable this. I haven't had the opportunity to test the range yet, but I'll certainly enjoy it at home at the very least.

    Google has a support document on this feature here - provided by @[email protected]


    Does the community list have a max amount of entries?

    It seems like the communities list that comes up has less entries than I would expect it to, is there a max amount of communities that can show up, or a different type of filter? For example, I'm subscribed to the Summit community, but it only shows if I do a search for it.

    Additionally, is there a way to change the sorting for it to alphabetical order, instead of by MAUs?

    Hopefully I haven't missed something obvious, or I'll feel quite silly!


    WearOS on the Pixel Watch finally supports DND sync again!

    Back in the Android Wear says, this used to be a feature on my Moto 360, but then in WearOS' next generation/rebranding the feature was lost. Under the idea of separating the watch and phone they somehow just couldn't even include the setting to opt into this.

    Just like setting off a timer or alarm on the phone would go off on the watch... Alarms are back (bidirectional too!) but not the timers sadly.

    I guess we finally have the technology to sync the two devices again without an external app being installed on both.