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Hamilton: 'There will always be hostility from Verstappen'
  • This was 100% on Max. 2021 divebomb. However, if you compare this with Austria, Max avoided contact on the first divebomb Lando tosses. Lewis did turn in very early which caused the contact. This could have been avoided. So I also see it as a race incident, but I think deep down Lewis didn't mind launching Max into orbit. Considering their rivalry, I can even understand it.

    So, no Lewis bashing here, just stating the fact that he did turn early. Max went again in to short term tactical thinking iso being patient and look big picture. But his emotions got the most of him.

  • Why is Intel failing to Nvidia and AMD?
  • He is a supply chain guy. He did a tremendous job on making sure you need for every single thing on an apple device either an adapter or a repair that cost more than the device itself. Since Tim took over, the only noticable succeful disruption from a technological perspective is Apples M silicon. The rest is old wine in new bottles. For the rest its upselling and people that are crazy enough to put 1200 dollar/euro down for a phone or an 8gbyte RAM Mac. And to be straight, I have no problems with that. But there might be a time where Apple ends up in that same corner.

  • Trump is “absolutely” immune for “official acts” on Jan 6th, SCOTUS rules
  • That's no how this works. He is a democrat so by default unofficial. No matter if he orders a hit on Cheeto by Seal Team 6. /s

    Democrats = unofficial MAGA/republicans = official.

    This may become the 1933 of this century if november the wrong guy gets elected and fast forward to 1939.

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • Opens chrome on a 8GB Mac. Sees lifespan of SSD being reduced by 50%. After 2-3 years of heavy usage SSD starts to get errors. Apple solution: buy a new one. No wonder they are 2nd/3rd wealthiest company on the planet.

  • Google Chrome’s plan to limit ad blocking extensions kicks off next week
  • Well I will sound like an old bore but throughout the nearly 20 years Firefox is out I never looked at anything else. Seen the rise and fall of Internet Explorer seeing the rise and fall of chrome.

    Even Firefox in its dreadfully slow era (2010-2016) it did not made me change. And let me be clear Firefox is far from perfect. But for my use cases (privacy and security balance over certain conveniences) I would not change for any commercially backed Browser.

    Moral of the story. It's better to donate to Mozilla and enjoy the freedom of your browser than giving yourself in on the erratic behavior of the big tech companies.

  • Singapore panorama sunset


    Yuki under investigation for Nazi involvement.


    Valtteri lord.of Australia Uber Carshare - Valtteri Bottas' Aussie 'Second' Car

    There are thousands of Second Cars to rent on Uber Carshare but only this one has a meat pie oven. Terms & Conditions: Valtteri’s ‘Second’ Car is owned by Ub...

    Uber Carshare - Valtteri Bottas' Aussie 'Second' Car

    Red Bull to go towards Mercedes Zero pod design as of Japan


    Redbull seems to go (near) zero pod. I think Mercedes may lose their minds if the Milton Keynes crew have yet another rocket ship