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3 ways to help your child transition off screens and avoid the dreaded 'tech tantrums'
  • Unfortunately, I can't write a full novel about all the nuances of being a parent. If you read my words, I tried to generalize and caveat where possible. I am being very blunt and direct and its not hard to understand that it's going to piss off someone.

    My experience is absolutely not universal. Do you have a brain? Use it. Everything is situational. Adjust your actions accordingly. Be firm and kind but don't give up and cave to a child's demands. If you feel the need to judge an entire person by a single comment, you do you.

    Too many parents I have seen get stuck in loops of negotiating with their kids and end up getting frustrated and yelling. People make tantrums out to be hyper-complicated when they really aren't.

    Kids, for the most part, are mirrors of the parents behavior. Kids emulate behavior as it's a key part of development. If parents don't recognize their own actions and behavior has consequences, then they need to start looking deep.

  • 3 ways to help your child transition off screens and avoid the dreaded 'tech tantrums'
  • One child is grown and the other almost is, and I rarely use this instance, btw. A more complete history is on

    My children are A/B students and think for themselves. I haven't been angry with my kids in years and only then was it when they did something that potentially caused them harm. They don't get in trouble or get in fights. Now that the most difficult years of parenthood are over, I get to spoil them a little.

    I am an engineer, and have a respectable career. I recognize psychedelics as helpful to society and are 100% legal where I live. Guns are a hobby, not my personality. (My other hobbies are plentiful as well. If you want to learn about electronics, computers, IT security, basic CNC machining, 3D printing, or numerous other topics, let me know!)

    I knew it was a matter of time before these quips came up. There is nothing I said that was harmful or even suggested abuse. If parents can't look at themselves and realize that most of their child's behavior is a direct result of how the parents themselves behave, well, I can't help them.

  • 3 ways to help your child transition off screens and avoid the dreaded 'tech tantrums'
  • It is absolutely possible to treat the child like a person. My point is that most tantrums are allowed by the parents because of frustration.

    The reason for tantrums should be clear as day to the parents. Usually, the kid is wanting something or not wanting to do something badly. Kids are not complex and their basic needs should be second nature to parents by the time they are old enough to throw a tantrum.

    When a child is old enough to throw a tantrum, they are able to understand words, generally. IMHO, the parent needs to be firm, not "strict". Old phrases like "the parents are always right" or "because I said so" should be thrown in the trash where they belong.

    For example, when I was at the mall with my first daughter (she was 4, I think.) she threw her first (and last) tantrum in the middle of the crowded mall because she wanted to go into the Disney store as we were leaving. My reaction was quick and firm. I immediately squatted down to her eye level, ensured eye contact and that she was fully focused on me. (Being quick about my response was important.) I explained that throwing a tantrum was not going to help her situation one bit. I didn't raise my voice or hold her down. I didn't threaten her with punishment or anything like that. She understood immediately that she did not like my shift into "daddy mode" and the battle was over quicker than it started.

    My approach there was to quickly snap the kids attention directly to me. Using words they understand is important, of course, but I explain what they are doing is not right. I have them repeat the point of what I say to make sure they understand it, out loud.

    If, by chance, the parent actually doesn't understand what the child needs, that is a perfect time to ask. Help the child communicate their needs properly.

    How that is applied is situational, but the underlying method is the same. Break the endless cycle of the kid saying "but I want" and the parent just saying "no".

    Tantrums are all the same. It's a pointless escalation of a situation by both the child and the parent.

    Neurodivergence is a special case, obviously. However, using distraction and simple logic can help as well. There have been a few tantrums by my nephew I have stopped cold using the same method. It is more challenging because of the needs of the child, but it works.

  • 3 ways to help your child transition off screens and avoid the dreaded 'tech tantrums'
  • If kids have any form of tantrum, it's because the parents let them and cave to the kids "demands". Kids will keep throwing tantrums if it works.

    Edit: You can downvote all you want, but regardless of the situation, if you need to take 3 pointers from an article about "tech tantrums", there are some more serious issues at play and it's not an issue with the child.

  • Moon and Myco
  • I had never heard about them until now. However, if amanita extracts are your thing, go for it. I did look over their site and was able to gleen a bit of information.

    While I applaud them for publishing test results for heavy metals and other toxic compounds, they do not publish any tests for muscimol potency. (They have LAB TESTED as a sales point, but it is misleading.)

    They are probably just relying on powdered bulk amanita muscaria to average out the muscimol content, if I had to guess. Less risky that way, I suppose.

    Looking at their other products, especially their Lions Mane gummies, they are insanely overpriced and spiked with caffeine. There is no indication about what kind of Lions Mane product they are using. It could be below dirt cheap mycelium or it could be the fruit itself. Dunno. (Lions Mane mycelium is being sold as powder now, especially on Amazon, which is absolutely pointless.)

    With Lions Mane, I believe that recent studies that were focused on its benefit started at 5 grams per dose, not 500mg. With the gummies they are selling, you have to basically take an entire bag to hit "normal" dosage levels for any of the mushroom powders they are selling. And no, medicinal mushroom dosages are not standardized. However, the dosages are usually much higher in plain capsules of the same types. Regardless, you will get so hyped on caffeine, it will negate any positive benefits.

    Honestly, it looks like their products are just a novelty.

  • Serious question. Have any of you had any negative, long term effects from taking shrooms?
  • It has been rumored that people that cannot easily visualize images in their head when sober won't get intense visuals when they trip. So, when I say "chair", can you visualize a "chair", or do you just think of the word "chair" in your head? So, depending on how your brain is wired it can take substantial amounts (5g or maybe even more) to get visuals and that is a trip that takes some serious practice to manage once that boundary is crossed. (Visuals are only one component to a trip and TBH, I have never heard of shrooms feeling like alcohol. Disorienting, sure. 5th of Jack disorienting is new to me.)

    Weed makes me super paranoid these days. I love to grow it still and give it away when I do.

    Also, crack and meth are just "dirty", IMHO. They basically leave you strung out and wanting more. It's not worth even trying, to be honest. I have tried them both and will never touch them again. Just don't, even on your death bed. 100% not worth.

  • Serious question. Have any of you had any negative, long term effects from taking shrooms?
  • Odd. I have been catapulted in to several distant galaxies since this post and lived to tell the tale. Still, it affects different people in different ways. Having a fresh supply of "specialty" strains has provided its own unique benefits, for sure.

  • Serious question. Have any of you had any negative, long term effects from taking shrooms?
  • I am just over the "spiritual awakening" boundary myself. Over the last several months since this post, I have gone through some major shifts and it has absolutely been an amazing journey.

    While I never will be religious, going through several instances of absolute ego dissolution has absolutely awakened something that I can only describe as spiritual. Once I saw for myself how fragile our perception of reality could be, it changed something. I dunno quite what, but it did.

    While I still eat a couple of grams here and there, I don't really see the need to do more than that anymore. It's weird how that works.

    My anxiety and depression are just shadows of what they once were. My weight has stabilized and my body is actually healing from what was years of alcoholism. (I actually quit drinking about a year ago but my health only recently stabilized once I was able to get my mind back on what amounts to a new plane of existence.)

    Quitting drinking probably saved my life but shrooms are helping me rebuild my life. Well, shrooms pointed me in a really healthy direction, anyway.

  • /c/Shrooms was restored - and it needs new moderators! [META]
  • Count me in and my availability is "yes" for normal awake hours for someone on MT.

    I have quite a bit of info on shrooms I would love to continue to share.

    Under this same username on, feel free to read into my recent history. I left this instance because this community was banned and I am happy to see a change of heart.

  • does long term burnt plastic inhalation effect the brain
  • The Dread Pirate Roberts reference is from the movie Princess Bride.

    Wesley spends years building up an immunity to a fictional substance called "iocaine powder", the most deadly substance known to man. He tricks a foe into drinking wine laced with it, killing his foe while he survives.

  • Please fix Rule 1.
  • The admins were using the legal staus of shrooms in other countries (besides their own) as a justification for removing the community. Ok, cool. Now apply that reasoning fairly across other communities.

    Clarifying a point is not hard and they do get very specific with other rules as well, if you haven't read them. They could easily say that drug trade on is forbidden. Easy.

    Also, chill with the ad hominem arguments. Trying to use insults to prove yourself correct just makes you look like the jackass.

    Again, I don't think you understand the full scope of the points I am making. I understand your points, but they are just bad ones.

  • Please fix Rule 1.
  • Your input is fascinating, but misplaced.

    The purpose of this thread was for the admins to clarify what actually is illegal. Allowing a marijuana community has the same risks for an admin as pictures of other things like shrooms in other communities.

    I personally would like to know where it is illegal to post and talk about any drug, honestly. Especially so if the drugs we are talking about are widely decriminalized.

    Growing, selling or trading drugs online is generally illegal. I understand why those kinds of posts should be removed.

  • Please fix Rule 1.
  • I think big brother is on to you, bot. Your links haven't been working lately. It could be a "me" problem, since I am trying to view the video through a Lemmy client that doesn't quite play well with ad blocking proxies.

  • Which Lemmy instance is your new favorite, and why?

    Since the admins here are refusing to clarify their own rules, selectively enforcing their vague rules, using communities for user counts before banning them and just being, well, spez-like, it's time to find a new home.

    So far, I am liking, but I still have a list I am going through.

    Where are you going?

    Oh, before you go, make sure to file a CCPA or GDPR data deletion request. If they are so inclined to "stay legal", they can start with those items.


    Please fix Rule 1.

    A shroom community was removed from as it was considered "illegal" content by the admins. The logic behind this is boggling, to say the least.

    Marijuana is considered an illegal substance in some states in the US and is still federally illegal. /c/trees should be banned, correct?

    Clown pictures of Putin are absolutely considered illegal in Russia, so that should require and immediate ban.

    Freedom of speech can also be considered illegal in some places.

    Incest is considered illegal so that should automatically trigger a ban on all incest porn, real or not. Hell, porn is universally taboo, so that shouldn't have any place on this instance, I guess.

    You see where I am going with this? Rule 1 is a catch-all and needs clarification. Simply saying something is illegal is not quite enough. Owning and sharing pictures of shrooms is not illegal. Trading spores or mycelium is generally not illegal either.

    This is not about me being salty (which I am) about the community being removed and forced to relocate. It's the odd bias that was applied to justify its removal.

    Please note that I said fix Rule 1, not remove it. There are some really bad things on the internet that shouldn't use lemmy as a safe haven.


    moscow remotelove



    I designed a printable drywall mount.

    It seems that most of the drywall mounts that I looked for printed in a vertical orientation, which is not good for strength.

    For once, I didn't reverse engineer anything to design this. Lulz.


    Update 8/10 - Added dimension sketches, Added .step file, Added a thinner support ring option that will sit more flush (but not completely)


    What is the new CentOS that is similar to RHEL?

    I have been using CentOS for years as a somewhat stable go-to for a long time, especially in business environments.

    Honestly, it was a very simple fire-and-forget distro that I happen to know extremely well. However, with RH completely migrating to an Elon Musk inspired business model, it's time for a change.

    While I don't have anything against Debian or Ubuntu, it was never my first choice of distro. (I'll give them another go shortly though, as the Ubuntu server distros were quite clean.) It boils down to silly things like yum instead of apt and such.

    I suppose I am really asking what the most generic server-style distros are super popular these days. Any suggestions?

    Ugly design remotelove

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! test post


    [Feature Requests] See inside.

    First of all, I am sure the dev is sick of my posts. I will feed him more caffeine just in case. ;)

    1. A spinner for when an external URL is loading. (Long loads just show a white screen.)
    2. "Are you sure?" buttons when exiting edit screens. I might be making things up, but can't double check because I am editing. Lulz.)
    3. A hug.

    Cheers and take care!


    [Bug] Pinch to zoom/scroll on Android Pixel 6 randomly backs out.

    "Backs out", as in, it's like the back button is randomly pressed while viewing an image zoomed and panning around it.

    I thought this was just a gesture getting triggered by mistake, but I do not see the gesture arrow on the screen when this happens.

    Edit: I just tried an update and reboot to no avail. Also, I just discovered that I don't need to be zoomed in to the image for this to happen. When I open an image and drag it up and let go, the pic with snap to center again and then back out of the image by itself.

    Chameleons remotelove

    Sleeping is fun!

    Liberal Gun Owners remotelove

    Are there any reloaders out there? Share pictures of your wealth!

    Reloading remotelove

    Hey kids! I want pictures of your reloading dungeons.

    Piracy remotelove

    The pirate community blazed the path out of Reddit for all! Cheers brothers!


    Serious question. Have any of you had any negative, long term effects from taking shrooms?

    I haven't. Aside from the short term effect of having to sleep the whole next day after a trip, there isn't anything I can notice.

    However, as my tolerance and experience grows I am finding that sleep is coming easier.


    Just a quick note here for keeping track! 7/9/2023 - 329 days.

    Hello again! I am migrating from Reddit and just wanted to make a note here to keep track of my days.

    Take care, stay safe and I will not drink with you today!


    [Beta Testing] Hello Connect dev/devs! I would like to contribute with beta/pre-release testing.

    Hello! I would like to contribute to any testing that needs to be done with Connect.

    While I am a shitty developer myself, I have been working in IT Security for about 15 years and and I am fully capable of breaking applications in ways you could only dream about. ;)

    My M.O. is not to be hostile or complain about broken things, but rather, dig and see if an issue is a "me" problem before I escalate to devs. (I literally do this for a living, TBH.)

    If help is needed, plese let me know. If you need me to sign any NDAs or any of that jazz, let me know. If you don't need assistance like this, ignore me.

    Cheers, take care, and keep up the awesome work.