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Would you like functional vehicles in the next Fallout game? If so, how would you want them implemented?
  • The motorcycle mod and the mobile base truck mod on the New Vegas nexus were very promising, but they had some issues and were susceptible to crashes due to being script-heavy. You could even mount guns on the motorcycle! It really fit the wasteland aesthetic. However the environments were mostly made to be crossed on foot, and not by a vehicle which can only be perfectly flat and only move in straight lines. Definitely recommend.

  • The taste of 🦅🇺🇲 Freedom 🇺🇸🦅
  • Yep. You can still order these at Steak & Shake, but they aren't on the menu. My friends and I used to get these on a crazy whim, up until my buddy's first heart attack at 17 years old. They're almost inedible. It's kind of like eating a slab of cheesy beef casserole, bigger than your face.

  • what is my biggest falio aside from my nose?
  • Your haircut is tight! Your features are like art and your nose is a great nose! I see a very handsome young man. Super sad to think that you aren't happy with your face for whatever reason. Just work on eating for your health, spend time in things you're passionate about, and then reach out to others. They will flock to you like candy! You're doing much better than you might think.

  • I like him, huge age gap (51M) and (26F), what can I do?
  • Based on that last paragraph, yeah, he wants to appreciate you like any sexy girl his daughter's age. Weird that he sees you as some kind of infant adult that needs protecting. Go for it. Whatever. Fuck around, find out.

  • "Baebos", an alternative to "bae"
  • Baebolsjctsgkj. To be proper, it really should be "before anyone else but our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, True Son of God and King of the Jews" Baebolsjctsgkj. If you want your potential partner to take you and your relationship with God seriously, then you should definitely introduce Baebolsjctsgkj early on to eliminate confusion. I personally, will not hesitate to start using Baebolsjctsgkj in my social circles.

  • Which Spell Learning mod do you use?

    I'm curious to know which Spell Learning mods our illustrious community of degenerates prefers! Personally, I am partial to the seldom-endorsed DM's Spell Learning Overhaul. Not only does it have a great system based on DEST, it is totally configurable via mcm and is out-of-the-box compatible with all mods that add spell tomes. I'm glad to have found it after failing to run Spell Tutor on my 1.5.97 setup.

    There are a plethora of options, but what do you like?