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"Working with Gen AI" by Dandytoon
  • Stupid! You should tell it to write the test cases first and follow TDD!

    'AI, write the test cases for my project! No! You stupid computer! This isn't testing the features correctly! Ah, no! You're now just printing the string "PASS"!'

  • Can I remove a git repo without resorting to `rm -rf` ?
  • Generally that is not a concern because regular users won't be able to rm anything else other than those in his own $HOME.

    Another thing I want to say is, command line is for careful users. If someone is careless, they should create a wrapper around rm, or just use a FM.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • LineageOS is very stable and usable as a daily driver, meanwhile PMOS struggles to deliver basic functionalities like calling and sending SMS.

    LineageOS has a bigger community and supports more mainstream devices, where PMOS primarily focus on PINE64 and Purism.

  • Linux is now an option for safety-minded software-defined vehicle developers
  • I come from a MCU background and feel the same way. Linux kernel is for consumer level stuff. For serious machinery, I choose a real-time OS like FreeaRTOS. Less code, and more low level code makes it easier to review, maintain, and have less chance to break.