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Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested
  • nothing says healthy democracy like a competitave candidate having a "secretary of retribution"

  • Sitting and shitting on my high horse
  • folding stool

    I thought that only happened to cats

  • 'Baby of the House' has 'experience older MPs won't have'
  • It's like a melon on a toothpick!

  • Guess the Episode [Medium]
  • Ooh a fresh batch of america balls!

  • Like a glove. New shed growmies!
  • Ah they look good. Now you gotta resist the urge to double the price with shelves and hooks.

  • Like a glove. New shed growmies!
  • Looking good! What is that siding on it? Almost looks like sideways channel lap.

  • Flavored vape bans led to increase in teen smoking
  • All vaping products are flavored in some way. A tobacco flavored vape would not be banned under this, but it is still flavored. As to why people move to cigarettes, in my experience not-so-popular flavors are not easy to find and cigarettes are everywhere. Also the second cigarette tastes way different than the fist.

  • Life without B&CT
  • t-shirt over a vacuum hose can turn an awful time into a bad time.

  • New York Spends Biden Cash on Highways Over Public Transit
  • The spirit of Robert Moses lives on

  • Gun porn rules
  • He's gonna cry himself to sleep on his huge pillagh!

  • Aphex Twin - Meltphace 6 (2001)
  • Let's all do Drukqs together.

  • A cool guide for your laundry
  • Finally! A rosetta stone for laundry hieroglyphics.

  • They don't call them strange moods for nothing.
  • Put it on display and see who steals it

  • Biden Vs. Trump 2024 Election Polls: Trump Leads By 2 Points, Latest Survey Shows
  • We definitely need something better than "some asshole's vibe check", but honestly I think apathy is a bigger threat to Biden than Trump. I think Trump winning the polls will bring more turnout, and that turnout will be more "I have to vote for him again?" than "my faschi boy can do it"

  • Biden Vs. Trump 2024 Election Polls: Trump Leads By 2 Points, Latest Survey Shows
  • Excellent analysis. Anecdotally it seems to me that unless the I25 corridor suffers some kind of world changing event, New Mexico is going to go to Biden. NM is purple for sure, but it went to both Gore and HRC. In the places I've been there it's only bluer now.

  • Gorod - Sailing into the Earth (France, 2012)
  • the intro is excessive, but the chorus rips. worth a listen for sure

  • Study says Europeans fear migration more than climate change – DW – 05/08/2024
  • If lemmy was the entire EU voting block the world would be a very different place. It's not encouraged here, but here is not the entire EU.

  • Corpse/Refuse dump
  • Cool! Minecart+magma refuse is the way to go. here's my setup:

    the magma is a few z levels down to prevent splashing injuries.

  • Gorod - Sailing into the Earth (France, 2012)
  • upvoted, but 5000 at the funeral is the best song on that album.

  • Dots connected
  • the idea is old but the execution is new