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More than 4 million chickens to be killed in Iowa after officials detect bird flu on farm
  • I went vegan for a bit for much the same reason. In all seriousness, good for you, taking responsibility for your footprint and the consequences of your dietary decisions.

    More recently I've started keeping chickens and ducks (predominantly for eggs, inevitably one day for meat), and it's given me additional insight into how animal agriculture can be done more responsibly and how we can integrate it into our communities and to enrich our land.

    I think it's great to foster awareness and agency in our food system. If being vegan works for you, I think it's wonderful. If being vegetarian works for you, also great. I remember the first time someone self-righteously told me they are vegetarian and only eat eggs, and I asked them what they think happens to the roosters since they're still born at a roughly 1:1 ratio. Introspection occurred. And if someone still Insists that eating tons of factory-raised meat is the only way, well then maybe they aren't ready to think about it yet but hopefully I can plant a seed that will germinate later.