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HTTPS on homelab (just locally)
  • If you mean signed by your CA then this is me too, albeit with an intermediate CA in the middle (honestly pointless in my case, but old habits etc).

    I don't host anything externally and trusting the CA certs internally is easy as Ionly need to do it on a handful of devices. This + reverse proxy keeps things tidy and uncomplicated.

  • Why Australia's biggest city has a problem with 'forced car ownership'
  • But Dr Terrill said the easiest and cheapest solution was to implement congestion charge

    This is the kind of thinking that got us into this mess. If you want people to take PT then improve PT rather than making non-PT worse. Don't punish people for suffering at the hands of a problem that decades of successive governments, the same ones that now want to charge them for it, have created, contributed to, or simply ignored. If someone has spent tens of thousands on something that costs thousands more to register, insure, fuel, and maintain, so they can sit in a stop-start grind for 60-90 min just to get to work, how bad must the alternatives be?

    The simple fact is every day heaps of people are trying to get to or from the same place at the same time. PT definitely helps, and would have to remain part of the solution in one form or another, but ultimately it still masks the same place, same time issue. I can't help but think that getting away from the "CBD" mindset would remove so many issues. And shorter term, stop trying to force people back into the office. Less people needing to go anywhere at all, and those that do aren't all converging on the same point. Winning.

    Of course you also have groups like CBD landlords, car manufacturers, fuel companies etc etc as well as govt budgets that have a vested interest in things not changing, and the safest political move is to just take more money from people who will grumble, but have no choice but to cough up. Rinse and repeat.

    Shitting on cars seems popular but imho that is lazy activism, the problem isn't "cars", it's a bunch of things all contributing to them being necessary in situations where they shouldn't be.

  • Oregon governor signs nation’s first right-to-repair bill that bans parts pairing
  • the pairing restriction would "undermine the security, safety, and privacy of Oregonians by forcing device manufacturers to allow the use of parts of unknown origin in consumer devices."

    If only there were options that would encourage the use of safe, genuine parts.

  • Electric cars will be cheaper to make than gas vehicles but with much higher repair and insurance costs
  • I wonder if this kind of thing might make conversions into older cars more viable. If the body and the million computers etc will cost heaps to fix in a newish EV, that might mean an increased supply of electric drivetrains at the wreckers. They're not exactly a drop-in proposition but having the parts available has to be a good start.

  • Follow-up: OpenBSD routers on AliExpress mini PCs
  • It might be a jumper on the board. Mine (Q770G4) boots on power, if I can organise some downtime with the family I'll take a look at it (set it up ages ago so can't remember).

    Edit: CAB approval was easier than I expected! Mine is in the BIOS, under Chipset > PCH-IO Configuration, set State After G3 to Power On.

  • Couple of feature requests - collapse entire comment thread, bookmark groups

    Hi there, I recall on Boost for Reddit that I could open a post, and collapse comment threads to a single line, which was excellent - it made it really easy to scroll past comments I've already read or decided I'm not interested in, and I might be wrong but I think there was an option to auto-collapse everything but new comments? On Lemmy, replies are collapsed but the comment I tapped on remains open, regardless of whether it's the top of a comment thread or one mid-conversation. So best I can collapse to is a post and all of its top-level comments.

    The other one is that on Reddit I was able to create a group and add subs to it. That group would appear in my sidebar, and when opened it'd be a feed of those subs without needing to join each one (which makes 'Subscribed' really busy). On Lemmy I can add favourites to the sidebar, but they show up in the list individually - I'd like for example to have a single entry in that list called Home Tech, when I tap it I get a feed of only home automation or homelab stuff. Then another one just for memes. Etc

    If these settings already exist and I've just missed them please let me know, otherwise I'd really appreciate if they could be added to BfL.

    Thanks for the fantastic app and ongoing support!