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Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • Can the current president hunt the former president for sport now?

  • I have unlimited cellular data on my phone but not if I use it as a hotspot.
  • Companies even do this if you have a 5g modem.

    There is a 2 hour window at the end of the month in which I am miserable.

    I'm at the tip of the US's Wang and have zero access to wired internet, so I am stuck. 😞

  • Derps of Tiktok
  • Oh well.. whatever. Never mind.

  • After eight years, i resigned as a moderator of my community
  • Before June 2023, I was a mod on several Reddit communities for about 13 years and outside of Reddit since the turn of the century. I just kinda stepped back once the Reddit BS happened.

    10 months later, my happiness and over all quality of life has improved. Not only am I no longer stressed (bye bye moderation based nightmares!), but I have way more time to dedicate to my passions and goals.

    I thought that dedication to holding together a few niche communities and battling the "bad guys" defined me and gave me a sort of immortality.

    I was VERY wrong.

    Our great grand kids won't be trolling reddit archives, telling everyone how "cool" grandpa was.

    The greatest thing I ever did to improve my QOL was step away from moderating and leading communities on the internet as a whole. Doubly so if they involve political talk.

  • A Nigerian woman reviewed some tomato puree online. Now she faces jail
  • I can just about hear someone saying, "Do you know who I am?" or "Do you know who my father is?"

    This situation just screams of the diabeetus-loving tomato sauce company bribing the local police.

  • It wasn't a dream, it was a place!
  • We may not have seen his encounter with the "future Federation" reminding him of the "temporal prime directive"

    That said, can you remember your work mates from half of a life ago?

    Human memory is good, but a life of adventure and an over abundance of scotch can give one "Swiss cheese memory" ala quantum leap

  • Real French
  • I lived in both 'French Canada', and France at one point in my life.

    In my experience, they all consider themselves the best thing France ever made and the other side are the equivalent of "rednecks"

    To be fair, they both can be right.

  • Not buying a shaver from Philips again..
  • Coincidentally, I just got a knock-off Soda Stream from Phillips. It's over $150 cheaper and works 2x-3x times better. I wanted to build something similar for a homemade soda bar concept, and discovered how truly cheap it can be to make soda and carbonated water at home. I was shocked at what a simple concept it is, and how much of a profit these sodas water companies make. Phillips even charging $50 for their system is a total rip-off.

    Truthfully, I think the increase in quality in the Phillips machine is due to fewer parts is an "exception that proves the rule" as these in-bottle carbonators seem to work better with fewer parts. It's just a pressure hose connected to a co2 tank. Literally, all of $6 if you were to build one yourself from parts on Amazon (or $3 if you got he Alibaba route)

    I truly believe that the fewer parts the better in any DIY or commercial product due to the less chance of a failure in a part if there are fewer parts. This works fantastically for the "lower quality" producing companies, like Phillips.

    My inventive and engineering entrepreneur friends and I call this "fewer parts the better" concept, a "Murphy's law compensator" as the fewer parts there are, the fewer parts that can statistically "go wrong"

  • Anime pfps rise up
  • Gamers are the true indigenous people.

    We were typing in games printed in magazines and hand written from friends.

  • Typical japanese isekai plot
  • That are the plots to most manhwa, too.

    I just eat that shit up, thougg.

    The recent popular "manhwa recap" longform trend on YouTube is the nourishment of my soul some days.

  • What movie or show you didn't know was THAT good until you watched it?
  • Dr Who

    Before I watched the "New Who" episodes on the stern recommendation of an obsessed girl friend, I was extremely reluctant.

    I just saw more and more friends and aquatences go into watching the series, normal as one can be.

    Them, they watched the series on Netflix.

    It changed them, giving them an almost unhealthy level obsessed obsession with the show.

    I too had the same change, but on a much less level than some.

  • Texas Tech DB Tyler Owens says he doesn't believe in space
  • Gotta love the marriage between tramatic brain injuries and an under funded education system.

  • This is a major Life Pro Tip
  • She reminds me of my 3rd ex wife.

  • This is a major Life Pro Tip
  • Text capture saves hours and hours

    I use Microsoft PowerToys for that and dozens of other QOL life hacks.

  • Google assistant rule
  • This seems to be a "PEBCAK" situation.

  • What's your go-to lazy meal when you need to eat but don't feel up to cooking?
  • It's challenging to cook when one lives alone. I came up with a frozen buffet system.

    I make several main dishes, several side dishes, and several desserts. Subsequently, I divide the foods into portions that I would normally eat, then I freeze.

    That way I can grab 2 or 3 items, microwave, and eat whenever I'm hungry.

    Doing this, I only need to cook once or twice every shopping cycle.

  • Forking heck
  • It's rare, but every time it's incredibly unpleasant. It's expecting to bite into a nice soft food, but instead chomping on a piece of metal, praying that you didn't just break a tooth.

    It happened to me a few times one year when I started getting neurological disorder. It stopped once I started paying attention to what I eat, cherishing every bite.

  • Forking heck
  • I don't see how people can eat with broken, bent or sharpened tines.

    I accidentally bite my food instruments enough that I don't need individual instruments to be unique.

  • Are Instacart tipping reccomendations insane or am I being miserly?

    I'm physically disabled and have issue shopping due to bone tumors all over my bones (poly ostotic fibrous dysplasia with mccune albright syndrome). It hurts to live, walk, lift, exist, etc.

    I'm also on what is essentially a keto diet to help keep my diabetes in the "pre-diabetes" state.

    I use Instacart to help me survive and eat. It helps me not burden others and helps my independence.

    Groceries are becoming more and more expensive. This is particularly true if you're on a special diet like me.

    Delivering five or so bags of groceries or a few larger (but essential) items can be like $150-200 on Instacart per trip. Then, when I check out, Instacart recommends tipping $40+?

    That seems insane to me. Like $20 for that amount seems about right? Maybe throw in an extra $10 if I have some heavy things or items that are large in volume.

    Should I be tipping $40+ dollars?

    ‘A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this’ bill: far-right GOP lawmaker
  • If Dave Chapelle from the early 2000s wrote that post it would have ended with "Go home baby!"

  • Will Larian release the BG3 toolkit to allow us to make our own modules?

    I remember back to the days of Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 where there was a seperate program that allowed us to make our own adventures.

    I looked into it and I can find only rumor and speculation when it comes to Larian releasing a similar module maker. Supposedly they released something similar for the same engine, but for a different game?

    Do you folks think that we'll get something similar for BG3?


    My dad just died a few minutes ago, and the paramedics left a mess hidden under his bed.

    My father just died in his sleep. He had passed by the time the paramedics arrived.

    They still did their best, which I am very grateful for, but they even an entire trash bag full of used instruments that were stuffed under the bed for some reason

    I'm glad that I found it sooner over later but it's mildly infuriating that they just discarded their medical waste under his bed.

    (NSFW some blood)

    I've been taking care of him for over 5 years and it's made things a lot harder for me, seeing all of that all over.


    Politicians need to keep thier lips off children

    I was watching Bad Lip Reading Desantis and saw that he kissed a baby on a stage. I just gave the most creepy feeling from him, and it wasn't just because this was a comedic dub.

    I've been noticing for a while now that some politicians still put their dirty lips on children in public and people clap for that sort of thing.

    All politicians from the president to the local mayor need to abandon kissing babies like that. With the way the world is now, abandoning that sort of forced affection needs to be done. Too many politicians are showing their true colors and kissing children who are not their own (nor can they consent) just makes them and the people who allow it look creepy.