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Comments 187 NVIDIA driver 555.58 released as stable bringing Wayland Explicit Sync

The time is finally here. The next big stable update to the NVIDIA proprietary driver for Linux with version 555.58 bringing Wayland Explicit Sync.

NVIDIA driver 555.58 released as stable bringing Wayland Explicit Sync
How happy are you with your current distro?
  • I've been on Nobara for almost a year now and am really happy with it. The only distro I'd probably switch to is Bazzite just to try out immutability, but aside from that I'm good where I am.

  • Godot Tile Maps Are Dead... Long Live TileMapLayers


    What do I think about Lua after shipping a project with 60,000 lines of code?

    1 Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 beta 1

    Godot 4.3 is ready for broad testing as we finalize the release.


    Learn with Kenney • Buttons & Menus


    20 Years of Blogging on my own website

    0 Wasmi's New Execution Engine - Faster Than Ever

    After many months of research, development and QA, Wasmi’s most significant update ever is finally ready for production use. Wasmi is an efficient and versatile WebAssembly (Wasm) interpreter with a focus on embedded environments. It is an excellent choice for plugin systems, cloud hosts and as smar...

    0 My Hopes for We Distribute - deadsuperhero

    For the past few years, I've been running a tech blog focused on the Fediverse. It's evolving into a bonfide news organization.

    My Hopes for We Distribute - deadsuperhero
    Blogging in the AI era
  • There are two good options: Host your own blog yourself, or join a blogging platform that isn't corporate. I personally use BearBlog but I've heard good things about as well. These two have free blogging options and don't sell your data. If you want to host it yourself (which is safer), check out Hugo.

    Ultimately, bots scrape the entire internet and there's no guarantee they will honor robots.txt of a particular website (which tells bots what they are and aren't allowed to do). If it's on the internet, people can scrape your content and there isn't much you can do about it. That shouldn't stop you from writing or blogging, just don't post very personal data.

    Also, feel free to join us on [email protected]!

  • Flashpoint Archive 2024 Trailer (Free Flash Game Archive)

    Amber - the programming language compiled to Bash
  • Compiling to bash seems awesome, but on the other hand I don't think anyone other than the person who wrote it in amber will run a bash file that looks like machine-generated gibberish on their machine.

  • Progress Report: Web Export in 4.3
  • Based on the feedback we received at the GDC from partners and friends, we know that we need a way to reduce the size of our exports. Currently, the 4.3 release Web build .wasm is around 40 MB uncompressed, and 5 MB compressed with Brotli. We have a few ideas in mind to address this, and it could even help optimize builds for other platforms!

    This is very exciting! It's my #1 issue by far with the engine. With custom export templates I managed to keep it around ~25MB uncompressed, but there's definitely a lot of room for improvement in binary size.

  • Progress Report: Web Export in 4.3 Web Export in 4.3

    With single-threaded builds and sample playback, it's now easier than ever to export your game to the Web with Godot 4.3. And more!


    How to program in Godot - GDScript Tutorial

    Weird limitations with Expressions
  • Most variables have setters for situations like this. Rather than using get_tree().paused = false, try get_tree.set_pause(false). There's also Input.set_mouse_mode(), you'll see them under the variable names in the docs.

  • 0

    Preview Builds of the Zed Editor Are Now Available for Linux Zed - Code at the speed of thought

    Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.

    Zed - Code at the speed of thought

    Probably very unstable, but worth trying for people that are impatient.

    0 Bollards: Why & What · Josh Thompson

    Naming something we see and benefit from every day

    0 Figma’s journey to TypeScript | Figma Blog

    Figma's team recently converted one of its codebases from a custom programming language to TypeScript without disrupting a single day of development.

    Figma’s journey to TypeScript | Figma Blog
    How my weekend is going
  • I got it from a Buffoon pack, but it's still worth buying because it pays for itself. You get 2 jokers that are worth 1-2 dollars each, you can sell them if they're not worth keeping and you can even get jokers like Egg and Mail-In-Rebate that gain you tons of money.

    It's a life saver in ante 1-2

  • How my weekend is going

    Getting Riff-Raff as my first joker activates all my dopamine receptors.

    11 Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 dev 6

    The last dev snapshot for 4.3 before feature freeze is a big one after 6 weeks of work!


    • 2D physics interpolation: Should heavily reduce jitter and make the game smoother on higher refresh rates!

    • TileMap layers are now separate nodes: Each layer is now its own node. This is huge because it means it's easier to manage, easier to iterate over, and each layer can have its own settings and move separately.

    • Option for checking for engine updates automatically

    • Reverse Z for the depth buffer: They made a blog post about this a few days ago.

    Unity 6 Preview Released - The Final Before the Run-Time Fee!
  • Sort of. If you earned >$1 million in revenues in the past 12 months, you have two options:

    • Pay 2.5% of your monthly revenue

    • Pay a runtime fee based on your monthly downloads

    So basically, they made it optional, but you still have to pay 2.5% which is still significant. Otherwise you can use the runtime fee and report data yourself (it will probably be cheaper)

  • Unity 6 Preview Released - The Final Before the Run-Time Fee!

    Brackeys: How to make a Video Game - Godot Beginner Tutorial
  • Just skimmed the video, it's pretty good! Provides a good crash course for people to just start making a platformer, it definitely skims some important topics like physics layers or how to properly use tilemaps, but I expect follow up videos to start explaining things more.

  • File Compression Is Awesome: A Practical Guide

    A hands-on guide to making your images, videos, and files tiny.

    File Compression Is Awesome: A Practical Guide
    Screenshot Saturday!
  • I was recently contracted to make a neat prototype of a game. It's a twinstick shooter with MOBA elements, you got minions coming out of towers attacking other minions and the goal is to destroy towers to make your way in and destroy the enemy base.

    Screenshot of the game

    Navigation in Godot is pretty neat, very hassle-free.

    Screenshot 2

  • Personal Opinion: the Godot course isn't great
  • I've bought the $1 tier to get into shaders and I sort of agree. I took the Unity 2D course when I was starting out game development and it was excellent, really gave you everything you need to know to understand and learn how to make real games.

    I'm 75% through the shader course (which is fairly short, like ~2 hours long) and it's just okay. It gives you a decent introduction on how shaders work, teach you a few simple effects like distortion and dissolving and color swapping, then you're on your own. I didn't feel like I learned enough to be confident making my own shaders and I still only have a surface level understanding of it. Not great for a paid course, I'm starting to think that's the reason it was only $1 in the bundle.

    I still 100% recommend their 2D unity course but it seems like how good the course is depends on the instructor. Rick is the best instructor they have, the new ones aren't cutting it. Maybe I should make my own tutorials because a lot of Godot offerings currently are lacking.

  • Humble Bundle - Learn To Make Games in Godot 4 By
  • Godot 4 came out a year ago so they're all new courses. They do have a forum for assisting people that own the course where a teaching assistant helps out. I haven't tried any of their Godot courses but I have finished their Unity course and the experience was really good.

  • [Gary Marcus] Evidence that LLMs are reaching a point of diminishing returns - and what that might mean
  • The only thing I'd like is fact-checking itself, which is impossible considering how they work (it basically guesses everything). LLMs are close to being useful but I find most of the time they're not usable because it keeps spouting wrong info.

  • Proposed "LibGodot" Lets You Embed Godot Game Engine Into Other Apps
  • I've been following this proposal around for the past few months, it's really interesting. Godot could be the de-facto library for complex 3D rendering in any app since it's really feature-rich and not that huge (I think the runtime is like ~60 megabytes? It could likely be smaller with further optimization and stripping features you don't need).

    Also I don't remember who said this but if this goes through it could allow C# web builds by loading Godot is a library.

    Kind of a shame this came as 4.3 is in feature freeze, it would've been nice for it to be included in the next update.