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Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • I don't think it's an issue of what they've done. I'm sure everyone makes a change to such tourist attractions to aid tourism or nature.

    What's weird is that they lie about it. Anyone else would have issued a news article, even a local one, saying the rivers are dry and this is what we have done to save tourism/nature etc etc.

    These fucks blatantly hide the truth because it makes it look like everything is perfect. And they do a fine job of it. This country is one one of the finest built bullshit producing machine and it won't change until someone at the top decides to have a change of heart.

  • Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works
  • Okay, I'm not disagreeing with you about the fact that its all math.

    However, interpolation or pixels is simple math. AI generated is complex math and is only as good as its training data.

    The licence example is a good one. In interpolation, it'll just find some average, midpoint, etc and fill the pixel. In AI gen, if the training set had your number plate 999 times in a set of 1000, it will generate your numberplate no matter whose plate you input. to use it as evidence would need it to be far more deterministic than the probabilistic nature of AI gen content.