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America will never be the same after Milwaukee’s tent revival for the cult of Donald Trump
  • I had a very similar experience, I was driving across Nebraska and stopped in North Platte for the night before I found out what happened. Nobody was talking about it at the restaurant I ate at, brewery I stopped at, and the next morning the little dinner I ate at full of old man locals. I overheard talk of farming, expense of running their farms and businesses, but not one person mentioned Trump or the attempt. I don't know what's going on but it felt like I was on a different plane of existence from where the attempt happened.

  • Bill Gates-backed startup makes ‘butter’ out of water and carbon dioxide
  • Guarantee that A) it doesn't taste just like real butter, and B) it'll make you shit yourself and bring a return of the label "may cause anal leakage".

    Does that mean it's not a potentially viable product? No, it doesn't. But let's not bullshit.

  • How did you get into coding/programming?
  • I started my career with it, studying it in college. Relying on it for finances definitely is a major push. I don't touch it for a hobby though because of that. Hopefully others can help with suggestions for that side of things.

  • What's best way of telling a dating app match, you're done texting for the day?
  • I just don't respond if I'm doing something else or calling it a night. It's ok to set boundaries by just taking your time to respond. You don't have to respond immediately and it's not really healthy to expect them to every time either. Anyone that can't handle that and stops responding just isn't going to be a match for you if you need to have that kind of break from responding. I'm definitely opposed to the white lies, I prefer someone I'm communicating with to at least respect me enough to be up front about it if they say anything at all, but I don't need a reason if they don't respond for hours or even a day or so.

  • Do you ever have a tomato plant that dies for seemingly no reason?
  • Check the roots, you might have pests eating the roots. Could also be too much watering. Hard to say from photos but I definitely think something is wrong below the surface

  • Did Obama Becoming President Make People Hide Their Racism?
  • I think you've got part of it right from my recollection and experiences, but not quite the full thing. I think Obama's success actually lead shitty people to lash out more, which brought trump to power, which emboldened those shitty people to stop hiding it and actually be proud and display it. I think the racism and shittiness was always there but people kept more of a lid on it. We just aren't able to pretend it isn't who we are more broadly anymore.

  • Is it morally wrong for a 18 year-old man to have sex with a 48-year-old woman
  • You might get differing answers due to the payment portion of the scenario, but here's my 2 cents.

    No, there's nothing morally wrong here at any level to me. This is legally ok as far as the ages go, pretty much everywhere.

    As long as there's no power dynamic being abused, and both sides are consenting, go for it.

  • Orcas Sink 49-Foot Yacht in Mystifying Trend Around the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Reminds me of this read. The Swarm

    Whales begin sinking ships. Toxic, eyeless crabs poison Long Island's water supply. The North Sea shelf collapses, killing thousands in Europe. Around the world, countries are beginning to feel the effects of the ocean's revenge as the seas and their inhabitants begin a violent revolution against mankind.

  • Keep finding these lil guys in my house
  • Yeah, that is strange. Thank you for the reply.

  • Keep finding these lil guys in my house
  • The comment you replied to is "no record of this comment" for me. What did they say? I was thinking brown recluse because of if the "violin mark" on its back, but I didn't want to duplicate a comment I can't see

  • We should normalize clear consent.
  • I didn't think this is an unpopular opinion.

    My experience may not be everyone's, but I'm in my mid 40s and I practice this for the most part and consistently run into it with new partners as well.

    There are some things that are pretty obvious. But once things are getting going I always ask if it's ok before I take another step further if it isn't abundantly clear and asked for.

    I learned dating in the days of "the guy must make all the moves and asking is a mood killer.". I like how things are now. I like that asking is not just accepted but generally becoming the norm. In a way it's kind of like dirty talk, saying the things you'd like to do. Even if the other person isn't ready for what you're suggesting it can still lead down other fun paths that they are ready for and willing to do

    Of course this is all YMMV with different cultures and different people. But this has been my experience.

  • Boeing's Starliner set to fly astronauts for the first time on May 6
  • Hope they properly bolted in the door plugs

  • I guess I'm done with reddit...?
  • There's an entire instance for such things, though I don't know what more is there beyond mostly porn.

  • What tips do you have for training your dog?
  • Yeah, professional training can be really helpful. Especially if they're interactive with you as well so that you learn how to train while the dog is being trained. Imo a training course is only as good as the owner will be after, if that makes sense.

  • What tips do you have for training your dog?
  • One thing I read once and applied to my last dog and my friend has done with his: use as the hand gesture for sit bringing both your hands up to your chest, like kids do when afraid. Dogs tend to respond to visual commands as much as or more than vocal. This way if someone is scared of the dog and makes that scared gesture, the dog will (in my experience in most cases) sit.

    And in general, consistency is the most important thing. In the end, teach your dog whatever commands you want with whatever cues you want, but consistency is the key across the board. This includes initially how anyone interacts with your dog during the initial training phases, if possible. This helps reinforce the specific training you're doing and that not just you should be able issue commands

  • R.F.K. Jr.’s Environmental Colleagues Urge Him to Drop Presidential Bid
  • Uh, yes? Good, bad, or otherwise, always has been.

  • Cops can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint, US court rules
  • Oh thank you for this. I've seen the lockdown but I never really looked into what it does. Not that I am one to frequently be in a position where I'm concerned about being forced to thumb my phone, but it's nice to know. Even being a middle aged white dude, one never really knows when you might be perceived as having looked at a jack boot the wrong way.

  • Justice Department to File Antitrust Suit Against Live Nation [Ticketmaster]
  • Right? Deja vu, I remember the last time Ticketmaster got "in trouble". Wash, rinse, repeat

  • how do you smoke and not get fat
  • I don't have a solution, just know that you're not alone. I had to stop smoking late last year to stop the munchies so I could lose weight and drop my a1c out of diabetic category before I would've been diagnosed. I'd have eaten the fridge door when I was smoking if I hadn't adequately prepared the fridge for those later raiding parties.