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Intel's CPUs Are Failing, ft. Wendell of Level1 Techs
  • Look at the heat sinks on gen 5 SSDs. To me the marginal speed benefit of the platform introduces a lot of problems you have to deal with like heat. I would’ve preferred they just focus on bandwidth to allow users to get the same performance as Gen 4 with half the PCI lanes.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • I think Windows 10 is the best version they ever made but Windows 11 is a total fraud. So many elements are just wallpaper on top of old underpinnings, fake it til you make it but also less utility while being no more useful. I prefer Gnome to Win 11.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Wow OS/2! Windows 3.1 was awful but Windows 95 being so polished must have made you mad! Villain origin story material. My timeline was a more boring Apple II > Motorola Mac > Power PC Mac > Intel Mac > AMD Ubuntu > M1 Mac. AMA.

  • Pickleballers were losing their court to tennis. So they staged a sit-in.
  • I like pickleball. It’s fun but best understood as human sized ping pong instead of mini-tennis. Imagine the table tennis sound a lot louder. I could imagine ignoring the sound if you like the sport but it grating on you otherwise.

  • Netflix mulls introducing free ad-supported tier. The circle is complete
  • Always does but some implementations are better than others and bills still need to get paid. Network TV can’t force you to watch ads before beginning your program, but streaming can. I’m irritated that Prime has ads even though I pay for it but at least the way they handle them (only before the program starts) is acceptable to me. Interrupting a program to show ads the way YouTube does is horrible customer experience. What’s crazy to me is the way network tv shows have gone from 22 minutes in a 30 minute block to 17-19 minutes.

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • I think most people in the market for an EV know that all the manufacturers are changing the charging port to the Tesla NACS standard next year. Range anxiety is still the biggest issue for EV adoption and the supercharger network is the only practical option right now. Tesla hasn’t innovated in a while and current Tesla owners are put off by Musk’s antics. I’d personally wait a year to see what the options are.

  • Microsoft accidentally lists the benefits of not using a Microsoft account on Windows 11
  • My buddy’s account got compromised because his kid fell for some kind of Minecraft scam. It was his 365 account that he pays for and Microsoft has told him to pound sand. He’s grateful that he doesn’t use one drive and uses a local login on windows. He’s not even the only person that I know that had this happen to them.