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US prosecutors appeal dismissal of Trump classified documents case.
  • From what a professor was saying that while challenging the decisions they can also request removal of the judge due to being the third time showing bias.

    This was on NPR btw, her ruling on while she dismissed the case is beyond wrong and there are previous rulings about it being perfectly legal. Second they can just give it to another person to bring up the case, but removal and appealing would be the faster way.

  • Map of sex offenders
  • Yup depending the city, state, and judge it can land you on the list. It makes it less effective in my opinion honestly. Actual sex offender i.e rapists, child molesters should be how it should be.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • Nah, I think I'll keep my shit and wait for the far right to move.

    The fuckin scenario we are in I swear.

    Far right: let's kill the left and do fascism.

    Democrats: let's ban weapons right now while there's threats of violence against democrats.


  • Lawyer for megachurch pastor blamed 12-year-old for initiating ‘inappropriate’ sexual conduct
  • The lawyer should be disbarred and sent to jail. The priest should die in prison and the wife should be raped with 2x4 with 20 grit sandpaper on it.

    Who the fuck blames a 12 year old of sexual assault? Priest? Oh ok.

    Who the fuck says I forgive you to the person that was raped by her husband like it was the child's fault? The priest wife? Oh ok, makes sense.

    They are all the opposite of what Jesus their lord teaches.

    They are the US Taliban. Change my fuckin opinion about religion. Go ahead.

  • pokemongo not_that_guy05

    Fuck Stunfisk

    That's all I wanted to say.


    Mix tape

    I think after this update they fucked up one of the best modes in the game. I use to love control due to the length and comebacks that happen mid game. Now there's no chance for comebacks as it is over faster than we can group up. I would finish my rank run and remain in mix tape the rest of the season but now that's over.

    Seer is still fuckin retarded. Rev is ok no issues there.