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What's your favourite harmless prank you've seen IRL?
  • I just replied about this in another thread, but I liked plugging an extra mouse into their computer and making subtle movements with it while they were working.

  • What's your favourite harmless prank you've seen IRL?
  • Oh that's good. I liked hooking an extra mouse into my co-worker's computer and making very small movements with it while they were working.

  • What's your favourite harmless prank you've seen IRL?
  • My friends/roommates used to "fire" each other's rooms. It involved getting a couple big handfuls of taco bell fire sauce and hiding it in every place they could find.

    I had my room fired and 3 years later while traveling, a fire sauce packet flew out of my shirt pocket as I was getting dressed. By far my favorite prank.

  • Proton launches privacy-focused Google Docs alternative: Docs in Proton Drive is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted collaborative document editor
  • Simplicity is an underrated feature. I'm really excited to see this come out because I'm becoming a bigger fan of proton every day.

  • Baby Monitor vs Security Camera
  • Hello and congratulations! I've been using a HelloBaby HB 65 for the kiddo and no complaints here. I like the dedicated monitoring system instead of a camera with a phone app or other setup. If you have baby sitters, they don't have to download a phone app or something specific to keep an eye on them.


  • Legality of same sex relationship in Africa
  • It's actually mandatory there

  • Yep
    A bad influence
  • My God Skype for Business was so bad. Nowadays I prefer zoom or even a slack hangout, but anything is better than Skype for Business.

  • Of all movies that you gotta watch more than once to really understand, what is your favorite and why?
  • And then you gotta go watch the breakdowns and side by sides on YouTube to fully appreciate it on another watch. Hot fuzz is one of my favorites.

  • What names are you all rocking?
  • Me too! Fantastic choice

  • My name is Guy Incognito
  • I remember having to use an incognito browser for testing at work one time, and it felt very wrong to pull it up on my work laptop instead of the personal laptop.

  • Nominees for Game of The Year at TGA 2023
  • Hurts to see Destiny being considered for best community support after Bungie laid off almost their entire community support team.