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Ignore the trolls, go watch Indian 2. Watching Indian 2, I felt it was like RRR

Kaadhula Ratham, manasula Ranam, moolaikkulla oru Rowthiram.. Indianukku saave kedayadhu nu first part la oru dialog varum da.. adhukkaga Indian 2 va oru zombie mari aaki vachurukkingale da dei..

  • When I interviewed junior devs for my team, I had zero theoretical questions, and only two coding questions which were basically code that had to be debugged, and once it was running, for them to implement some minor things that I asked them to implement. I said I don't mind if they googled, I only wanted them to share their screens while they worked, so that I can see how they worked and how they googled/adapted the answers to their code. I interviewed over a dozen people ranging from freshers to 4 yoe, and you should see how terrible they were at googling. Out of all them, only one fresher came close to being good in the interview. Even '4 yoe' devs who 'spearheaded' various projects sucked at basic python and googling.

  • literally me
  • I really liked tenet and planning to rewatch it again. I watched it at home with headphones and subtitles, so once they sound issue went away, it was a pretty straightforward movie, even with all the time confusion.

  • I will use it until End
  • When I was graduating college 15 years ago, I wanted to create a professional firstname.lastname email. was starting to get traction and Hotmail was getting phased out, but I was advised to create my professional email under because it would seem 'more professional'.

    My main email is still the 007 related gmail I created first.

  • Home Improvement nieceandtows

    Handyman is asking $500 to sand and fill the rot with putty, caulk and paint the door. Is that a fair ask? (NC) (album with multiple photos)

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.


    Introducing Kuttichevuru, a casual tamil chat/discussion community. அனைவரையும் அன்போடு அழைக்கிறோம்!

    தமிழ் nieceandtows

    Introducing Kuttichevuru, a casual tamil chat/discussion community. அனைவரையும் அன்போடு அழைக்கிறோம்!


    Portrait of her mother, by my 7yo


    Looking for advice: My cat keeps licking her own egg instead of sitting on it like usual. Does it mean something is wrong with the kitten inside?


    I love the eyes in this cat my 7yo made


    Is Desantis winning or losing? Right and left paint totally opposite pictures of him.


    Has anybody here used Amplenote? How does Obsidian compare to Amplenote?


    Looking to try obsidian, but the sync seems expensive. Do you pay for sync, or are there other alternatives?

    I have iOS, and use MacBook/Linux.

    EDIT: Wow! It’s impressive how many different ways there are to achieve this. I tried obsidian git, but couldn’t get it to work as expected. Remotely Save is working perfect! Obsidian flew under my radar all these days because I thought sync was the only way. I’m looking into plugins and there’s literally a thousand plugins. It’s kinda overwhelming tbh. I’ll make another post for plug-in recommendations and workflow setup advice. Thank you all!

    Lemmy Support nieceandtows

    What happened to the favicon?

    The favicon has been missing for a week now. I have gotten used to finding the lemmy world tab by looking for the only tab without a favicon, but I would love to have the favicon back please.


    What are your favorite organizing/note taking/todo list apps that work for you?


    Have you ever wanted to do something, post a question asking for advice, get overwhelmed looking at all the (positive) advice, and end up giving up on it?

    Leopards Ate My Face nieceandtows George Santos Shocked at Ron DeSantis’s Homophobia, Says He Was Misled

    The lying congressman is upset that he believed the anti-LGBTQ+ governor to be different from how he actually is.

    cross-posted from:

    > In what can only be called a significant lack of self-awareness, New York U.S. Rep. George Santos, the serial fabulist under federal indictment on fraud charges, is crying foul.


    BlueHair and her One eyed sword friend fight the Demon Dog Devil (story in body)


    For people who can’t read ancient texts, here’s the transcript.

    Once upon a time there was a girl called BlueHair. One day the girl went outside to fight the Demon Dog Devil. But oh no! It started to rain even worse it was a thunderstorm. BlueHair tried to get shelter suddenly she saw a cave she ran into it and saw the Demon Dog Devil she didn’t have anything to fight it with. But suddenly out of nowere came a super sword it had a eye and had majical powers it fout the Demon Dog Devil and got friends with BlueHair! Together they lived happily ever after

    The end.


    How do I setup remote ssh for my jellyfin server?

    I currently have a jellyfin server on a rpi4 running raspbian (I think). I'm planning to migrate that to a Dell Wyse mini pc before I go on a month long trip. I would like to be able to ssh into it from outside my home and add movies and stuff. I have already setup ddns for the jellyfin server, so I only need for a way to add movies to it.


    Help! I'm seeing posts from future! I never wished for this superpower!


    I like how she made the fire. It’s a man in a hammock, btw, not an upturned turtle…


    Found this in Myrtle beach. What is this thing?



    My grass doesn’t like that I placed the hose reel on it for too long