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Trump scrambles to pivot campaign to attack Kamala Harris
  • I mean either way he's going to get placed as president. If the Supreme Court is this corrupt now and they ruled in favor of Bush in 2000, why the ever living fuck would they not now?

    I genuinely believe that either the speaker will refuse to certify a Democrat winner or the Supreme Court will pull some absolute bs. Or the classic electoral college of course will pull a 2016 again.

  • Google Confirms Play Store App Deletion—Now Just 6 Weeks Away
  • So any apps that follow the Unix philosophy (even without subscribing to it intentionally) are getting axed. Do something well and don't try to bake in a million other things into your program.

    Great! They totally don't want only apps that spy on you, are filled with bloatware and junk, and serve ads upon ads.

  • Leaked Docs Show What Phones Cellebrite Can (and Can’t) Unlock
  • If you live in the USA, the cops can now legally force you to unlock your phone using biometrics. And I mean I guess they can also illegally (and whose gonna stop them) force you to open your phone with a passcode or pattern as well. But it's a lot easier for them to hold your finger on a scanner or your phone to your face than make you type in the code.

  • That lasted long
  • I watched a video yesterday on Biden's terms to step down, posted 16 min before. Then I look to the suggested videos and there's one from 4 minutes ago that he had contracted covid. Not laughing at him getting sick, but the actual irony and humor of the situation was so funny.

  • "**Homicides only" means this chart excludes traffic deaths
  • Additionally, this is counting the diseases mosquitos spread so what about the diseases humans spread regularly? Not counting pandemics or if they count, average them out across the same time span these averages are taken from.

  • Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters
  • Please, weaponize this! I know the last place you want to go is a Fox News comment section or FB posts but these people need to see how they will be personally affected too.

    Weaponize the cuts to social security and medicare as much as you can. Yes, lots of conservatives are a lot cause. But I'm not asking you to reach them on the moral issues, I'm asking to get them rightfully scared of losing social security and medicare/medicaid. Make it personal.