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hooooly shit! has anyone else played journey?
  • PS3 had more shimmery glittery sand. you can add it back into the game by making the changes mentioned in the alternate method at the bottom of this guide. they messed up the sparkles in the later releases. doesn't hit the same.

  • no contradiction here at all
  • yeah I've had a lot of problems with ubuntu. our arch problems mostly stem from an update breaking compatibility for tools we use for things like the oscilloscopes in labs. fedora just works most of the time though

  • no contradiction here at all
  • I work in a stem center as a computer science tutor and it has happened to myself as well as a tutee and a fellow tutor. We all moved because keeping up with a rolling release gets tiring when you have projects with deadlines. They call it the bleeding edge because it has a tendency to cut you.

    I still love arch and there's parts of it I miss. Fedora just has a tendency to break less often.

  • What's the best tool available on Linux for downloading Spotify albums without DRM?
  • on fdroid for Android, there's an app called spotiflyer. you just have to move the songs from your device to wherever you want to store your music but you can rip whole Playlist of yours with it and it works quite well most of the time.

  • What Are Your Favorite FOSS Android Apps?
  • There's a lot of good recommendations here but I haven't seen anyone recommend Trail Sense yet. I use it to keep track of my steps without worrying about my levels of activity being monitored by anyone else. It also notifies me an hour before sunset since I actually go hiking.

  • No Adblock is a deal breaker.
  • sorry ik it's months later. yes, things work for the most part. anything that doesn't I just enable exploit protection compatibility mode for and it works no problem then. you can even just straight up install Google play as a normal app without admin privileges.

  • Linux gaming is fun
  • May have something to do with keeping the appid the same. My guess is this was done because of how skins work on the backend. I don't know for sure though. They should have done more testing on Linux however. It will be interesting to see what they do going forward.