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nLuLukna nLuLukna

Hi, I'm nLuLukna (en-loo-luke-nah).

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Edge rule
  • Why on earth would they delete a post with nearly 1000 likes? Cant quite see why

  • Happens way too damn often
  • What does a proper one look like? I knew that there was a correct way to do it but I never understood what it was

  • Pizza Hut franchises in California lay off all delivery drivers ahead of $20 minimum wage increase
  • This doesn't change the policy and the benefits it will bring in the long run.

    It's crap for the delivery drivers though. But longer term isn't forever and at somepoint that wage increase will directly benefit them as well.

  • Trig
  • But his arms are making a triangle.

    With angles that need to be found...

  • I just love collecting them all!
  • Love it's what got me into games.

  • Anon meets a poser
  • I can vouch for that - considering that's exactly what I did for ages.

  • *Does not apply to prog rock or metal
  • Yeah Beethoven only accepts video calls or texts

  • My pronouns are "suck/myballs"
  • That is a great origin story for a username; what made you decide to stick with it?

  • Ahead of Presidential polls, Argentina parliament passes bill to abolish income taxes
  • What do you mean hyperinflation, Argentina is clearly the epitome of a stable free market economy.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • There's nothing wrong with those kind of bots But when you take an instance for example, I think that's what it's called, which when I was looking into it had 100,000 inactive accounts sat there doing nothing.

    These bots that have been created over the course of maybe a week could be used to spam or brigade instances. Emphasis on COULD, maybe they just sit there. Who knows?

    But many instances took to purging idle bot accounts that had been created on their instances and defedrating from instances that had excessive numbers of bots

    These idle accounts are hard to detect, so only when they appear in large quantities are they removable.

    Just to clear up really I guess, I'm not talking about a Reddit repost bot or twitter scraper, more large amounts of bot spam.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I want to remind everyone that Lemmy has had a bot crisis, a while ago I did some research into botted instances and I estimated something like 40% of user accounts are bots. Although this was a while ago so I'm not sure if that is remotely accurate anymore

    Many instances will have taken steps to start purging user accounts, at the scale of Lemmy, that downturn could be entirely explained by these bots being removed

    Obviously some users will leave but i do feel it's worth noting this fact

  • Brands suspend advertising on X after ads appear alongside Nazi content
    1. Buy unprofitable application
    2. Make a series of incredibly shit business decisions
    3. It's now less profitable than before.
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Profit
  • Simple to say but hard to solve
  • Actually that last point isn't quite right, in the 1960s Robinson proved that the set of hyperreals were logically consistent if and only if the reals were.

    This put to rest the age-long speculation that the hyperreals were questionable.

    This speculation is a pain in the ass since it means that we primarily use limits when talking about this sort of thing.

    Which is fine, but infinitesimals are the coolest shit ever

  • I think it's that new competitor, or is that threads?

  • Do you ever feel like you have to apologize for .7z archives?
  • Come on man, you think of how many Dads you'd make proud.

    Just edit the comment

    You know you want to

  • What's the difference between the threadiverse and the Fediverse

    I know the Fediverse is every federated application, is the threadiverse just Mastadon, Kbin and Lemmy?


    drafting posts

    Now I never liked drafts being saved on Reddit, it always felt a little pointless and was annoying. I want to know if other people prefer the lack of drafts or not?



    Since the community is about factory games etc I thought I'd ask if anyone else had played mindustry?


    electronic fans?

    Was curious because I saw this community gaining traction on my all page.