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What are the best comebacks for common insults?
  • I pull out the "I'm rubber, you're glue". Nobody expects it these days, either that or "Would Mister Rogers approve of your actions?" I've yet to meet someone who doesn't at least pause at that.

    I can't pull it off, but "I'm thinking you weren't burdened with an over-abundance of schooling." From Firefly is killer

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • I don't think it is (though Dems seem to pull that often). Supreme Court Justices seem to have a very hard time letting go of the power, even on the more progressive side (Notorious R.B.G. being the most recent example). There's basically no way to remove a supreme court justice, impeachment will pretty much never happen. I think it's more recognizing that multiple who are 75 years old in a stressful job and being targeted by the public more and more is likely to lead to at least one of them leaving, be it death or retirement.

  • How it's going
  • There's still so much research that still needs to be done on it and nowhere near enough test data. The transplants could in theory help quite a few people who just don't even have a chance of getting access to it.