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FedEx’s Secretive Police Force Is Helping Cops Build An AI Car Surveillance Network
  • in my experience, the state colleges are literal cops and are not private: they are literally the same as city police, with all the privileges and power that comes with it, which makes them subject to the same oversight.

    you're probably right about private colleges though.

  • A Black man got a job interview after he changed the name on his resume. Now, he’s suing for discrimination | CNN
  • jackson is an extremely common surname in the black community?? the fuck??

  • FDA bans food additive found in citrusy sports drinks and sodas
  • literally looking at Berkey water filters for that reason. also, pretty happy to have been working on some home farming skills as well. totally fine country. normal even. TOTALLY NORMAL. 🙃

  • Companies Targeted For Pride Support Last Year Go Quiet On Social Media In 2024
  • if you capitulate to the unreasonable demands of a violent minority, then you are encouraging more of that behavior. throwing a certain class of people under the bus in the name of money/fear is wrong on pretty much every level and i think your justification for it is cowardly.

    just to reiterate: you are a coward, and you should feel bad about it. i have no respect for people with so little principles. you disgust me on a level that is beyond words. i do not care to have any more of a conversation, i just want you to know that you're a baby bitch.

  • Voluntary Mandatory rule
  • every time someone tried to call me in i would say i've had alcoholic drinks; they shut up pretty quick after that.

  • Windows 10 EOL PSA
  • dunno, if it does, then yay?

  • Windows 10 EOL PSA
  • popOS just because they have an installer that includes nvidia drivers out of the box.

  • Billionaires urged NYC mayor to sic police on Columbia encampment
  • the worse parts of our lives come from very few people in the ownership class, and they have names, and they have addresses.

  • Ewoks are just savage teddy bears
  • i don't know, i just got here

  • A GOP Texas school board member campaigned against schools indoctrinating kids. Then she read the curriculum.
  • you know, good for her, i guess, but i absolutely fucking hate that they just paint this picture of her like a normal, well adjusted person who happened to get involved in some Weird Shit, because she has to have ignored or dismissed a LOT of red flags to get to where she was.

    i'm glad she finally did her due diligence, but i don't think she deserves a glossy write up about how she did a little oopsy fucky wucky that may have made many children's lives measurably worse.

  • Ewoks are just savage teddy bears
  • the ewoks seemed pretty civil to me tbh

  • Scientists have figured out way to make algae-based plastic that completely decomposes
  • i am sure it will be "too expensive" for the next 30 to 40 years.

  • Streaming is cable now | Seventeen years after Netflix and Hulu kicked off a streaming revolution, it’s looking more like cable than ever.
  • same, i also abuse free trials pretty hard.

    (virtual credit cards and visa gift cards with little to no money on them work great)