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Wes Streeting defends puberty blocker ban decision after Labour criticism
  • Is he following science? Recommendation 6 of the report recommends more research. Which recommendation says that they should be banned in the meantime?

    Recommendation 10 says "All children should be offered fertility counselling and preservation prior to going onto a medical pathway.", which implies that there is a medical pathway.

    The report advocates all kinds of caution. It doesn't appear to go where the Atkins and Streeting, who are politicians, not scientists, have taken it.

  • Google’s carbon emissions soar by 48% due to AI
  • We need to be transitioning to zero carbon as fast as possible, period, and even that isn't good enough. Moderating our energy consumption is vital. There is a cliff at the end of the road and business as usual means driving on down the road.

    I am not saying that we need to turn off our lights and heating. I am saying that we first-worlders use a lot of power on frivolous things that we absolutely can live without.

  • EVs still have major quality problems, and it’s mostly about the software
  • Your ICE has a significantly longer range, and the road network has evolved so that you can be reasonably confident that you'll find a filling station when you need one.

    Today I'm driving an EV that doesn't have it, and I'm missing it. Different EVs have different ranges and not every filling station on the autobahn has chargers. On the other hand, there are lots of places just off the autobahn which do have chargers. It's a different game. Your mileage may vary of course.

  • EVs still have major quality problems, and it’s mostly about the software
  • The Megane E-tech has functionality in its satnav that lets you plot a route with charging stations on the way, showing how much capacity you will have left when you get to them. Not essential, but very useful for somebody who is new to EVs.

    Software that communicates with power companies to allow the car to charge overnight at advantageous rates, or even feed energy back into the grid. Again, not essential, but good for the customer and helps with the transition to green electricity.

  • Just Stop Oil: do radical protests turn the public away from a cause? Here’s the evidence
  • There is no conversation. There is no cause. Burning tires would be against your own self-interest. Why do you think it's their responsibility to persuade you of that? If Cletus doesn't install the solar, his own grandkids will suffer.

    It isn't up to them to persuade you or Cletus. You know the facts. You need to be fighting for your own future.

  • Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • You've shifted from "destroyed" to "damaged", I notice. The varnish of The Hay Wain was damaged, but the painting was not. The frames of various other paintings were damaged. The glass of The Rokeby Venus was damaged. Nothing compared to what Mary Richardson did in 1914.

    It is literally Just Stop Oil's point that people will start wringing their handkerchiefs at these actions but they are doing nothing about the climate emergency which threatens all our lives. You think it will make a difference if these people vote for different parties? The current parties are already doing worse than nothing - Sunak is opening up new oil and gas fields.

    It is not climate protesters' responsibility to persuade people to save the planet that we all live on. It is up to everybody, and too many people are not doing their share. Just Stop Oil have a right to be angry. We should all be angry.

  • The slave ship out of Africa theory
  • Now that's just crazy talk. To travel that way around the Earth, what you do is jump and let the Earth rotate underneath you. Obviously, you can't get the ship to jump out of the water, so you're forced to go the other way around.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • Destroyed? Let's talk about that.

    As you know, Stonehenge has been standing in the rain for 3,000 years.

    Following the industrial revolution, fossil fuel emissions made that acid rain. It attacked every cultural artifact standing outdoors for decades.

    I think that the people who did that belong behind bars.

  • Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • But they aren't destroying them, are they? The stones have been standing in the rain and snow for 3,000 years. Some powder paint is just going to wash off the next time it snows. It's not like they've taken a jackhammer to the Heel Stone.

  • The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • They'll probably publish the abridged version, sadly. The full version reads, as we well know:

    Thou shall not commit adultery but, if thou doest, thou shalt pay off the other woman so that it harmeth not thy chances in the presidential election. Nor shall it turn thy supporters against thee when they heareth of it.

  • Tesla in self-drive mode slams into police car in Orange County
  • Last year, Tesla announced that they had improved with autonomous emergency braking system, to go 'beyond standard AEB functionality'. And yet, here we have a story where a Tesla drove straight into a stationary vehicle and, according to the cop, didn't slow down.

    Yes, the driver should have been paying attention, but why did the AEB do nothing?

  • They're criminals all of them! - GOP
  • Is it an uptick? Ausländer were 11.2% of the population in 2016 when the proportion of crimes was about the same (40%). 50% more Ausländer, the same amount of crime => the rate is clearly going down.

    I chose 2016 because the rates were the same, but you can do the same analysis for 2017. The population of Ausländer has increased by more than their share of the crime rate.

  • Rabbi coming thru with the language of fellow nerds to put things into context...
  • That is precisely why I think it's important not to make exaggerated claims that can easily be refuted. Israel will claim that the calls for them to stop come from liars. The established facts are damning by themselves, so let's stick to those.

  • Rabbi coming thru with the language of fellow nerds to put things into context...
  • One day? There have been countless atrocities committed against Israel over the last 100 years. Israel has the Iron Dome because rockets have been fired at them routinely. Those rockets are inaccurate; the chances of them hitting military targets and not civilians is low.

    Israel is completely justified in wanting to retaliate. Retaliating against civilians is a completely different matter, however. Especially civilians who are completely powerless in almost every sense of the word.