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What if I told you...
  • I think someone that didn't make it into the movie cannot be cannon. The red pill thing is there but its really really subtle. Enough to be debatable. I'm not aware of what you mean by "dead name" in the context of the movie. It's not shocking that a movie made in 99 didn't really touch on that issue.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • Inexpensive internet plans are sold with speeds up to $SPEED. This isn't fraud. More expensive plans are available which either provide $SPEED at all times and others which provide an objective target level of service. The fact that people universally prefer inexpensive up to $SPEED plans is not shocking either.

    You cannot legally seize these companies and render them public utilities under current law.

  • After recent state law change, the only way to appeal an eviction in Tennessee is pay an entire year's rent upfront
  • The actual problem is not the same at all. The squatter is unambiguously committing a crime. Their willingness to commit a crime and inability to have their own home is a massive predictor of problems up to and including the total destruction of your property and its sufficiently black and white that local law enforcement given a proper law can act within the hour to evict and arrest someone who has no right to be where he is.

    The tenant who is behind on rent is a situation fraught with complexity which should be handled by a judge so that everything can be heard. What's more having this whole process take at least several weeks is a good thing. I gives people time to come to a resolution to avoid eviction. To borrow money. To get paid and come up with the money. To make alternative housing plans. To make a plan with landlord to pay over time. This keeps families from being put out on the street promotes social stability and well-being. Having matters handled lawfully and carefully is an acceptable burden.

    It also doesn't increase rent because the small downside risk doesn't magically make your property more valuable.

  • After recent state law change, the only way to appeal an eviction in Tennessee is pay an entire year's rent upfront
  • A tenant who falls behind on rent isn't a squatter they are still a tenant and normal procedures already allow for removing the tenant in a reasonable time frame. The issue that obtains some places is that courts are too poorly funded and over burdened to deal with issues in a timely fashion.

    A squatter is someone who moves in without paying. This gets ugly when as above court issus applies and squatter situations get in line with normal eviction.

    WA instituted an expedited process that allows for removal of folks who were never tenants with just police so this doesn't happen.

    That is a smart solution to actual squatting fully funding whomever handles your eviction cases is another.

    If you want to take it to the next level look at Finland who almost eliminated homelessness by housing people who are temporarily in a bad way and Europeans generally providing support for those with health problems.

    People who fall behind usually aren't stealing from the landlord and celebrating they are usually falling into a financial hole and living every day in increasing stress as they scramble for a solution. Ask me how I know.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • A felony per minute is an insane standard. You already can get service with a SLA its much more expensive. Sevice with a felony per minute for meeting demand would be the same 1000 per month. Your ideas are so stupid they would end internet service in America.

  • What the Hell Was Teamsters’ President Thinking With That RNC Speech?
  • He raised his fist after the sniper team had already killed the shooter while missing a little chunk of his ear. Super brave. I remember after my dad broke his leg in 16 places in an accident he went to work in a wheel chair and kept at it until he got out of it after the doctors told him he would likely not be able to walk. That's tough. There are a lot of actually tough SOBs in America powering through their own problems to do what needs to be done. Trump isn't one of them.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • Bandwidth is the amount of shit the modem can pull down and thereafter divided per client further subject to the limits of the service itself and any chokepoints in the network with data hitting the client no faster than the slowest leg.

    As far as wifi 5/6Ghz is fairly fast but good for no more than 100–200 ft inside and oft less depending on material in between and conditions and subject to interference to boot. Most people in multi story dwellings have poor connectivity over 5Ghz upstairs without a second AP on that floor and rely on slower 2.4Ghz and furthermore may have a limit to the connectivity between AP which effects downstream clients.

    That is what I meant by the 80MBps if the link between Router and AP is 80Mbps the AP can only provide a maximum of 80Mbps connectivity with the outside world shared between all its clients no matter how strong its connection. This is why I suggested a wire between router and AP. Factually real world clients usually have 20-300Mbps over wifi and need nicer clients AND equipment to provide good service whereas wires provide 1Gbps over cheap as equipment from 10 years ago.

    P.S. I worked in support and had a really good solve rate I made money mostly by helping people improve their service in tangible ways that made sense to them. Just because an industry is scummy doesn't mean everyone in it is.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • Over-subscription is literally how the entire internet works. Most devices spend 21 hours doing a whole lot of nothing and 3 hours either doing really quick bursty things like spending 3 seconds loading a page followed by 3 minutes interacting with it or relatively low speed things like streaming 50Mbps. Having a higher speed just means that when you want something to happen it happens quickly and it happens even if you have 12 other devices doing the same thing.

    Normal internet is oversubscribed by about 20x and gives most folks 90% of their plan speed at the modem most of the time. Dedicated bandwidth by definition means that you rent enough capacity for them to serve 1Gbps every second of every day even though you will use almost none of it. For reference 1Gbps for a month is about 327 TB of data. Most people use between 0.1-3TB over the course of a month.

    Dedicated connections are a lot more expensive to provide and a lot more expensive to contract for. That 1Gbps connection right now costs about $1000 per month. Your requirement would require ISP to sell only much lower connection speeds for at much higher prices. It would in fact actually break the internet as we know it. It's not exactly shocking to imagine that buying 100–1000 times what you need is expensive. A better standard would be to enforce 90% of plan speed 90% of the time measured at the modem with a week to correct if less than acceptable. Some european company actually makes an app to enforce their particular standard and takes the guess work out of measurement. I like the idea.

    Also its impossible to guarantee that customers will in fact even reach those speeds over wifi as its a function of the customers actual space, materials used to build the home, what's in the wall, network hardware, AND wireless clients. You only get really fast connectivity over 5/6Gh which is short range (100-200ft), only with quite modern equipment on both sides.

    This means that your 2015 $200 modem/router combo with 2018 clients is probably giving you 300Mbps in your living room and 50Mbps upstairs even if the modem itself is getting 1 Gbps. This is just how wifi is. Your ISP isn't going to be responsible for installing a $1000 worth of hardware so you can get plan speed upstairs on your $20 a month service. There are contractors who WILL do that for you for a hefty price. You'll be paying for the $1000 worth of hardware and a professionals time.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • The majority of users can't get anywhere near advertised speeds because the are using cheap devices to connect to their cheap wifi and WIFI in general isn't expected to provide plan speeds in the first place. Also bandwidth is oversold. An ISP that serves 1,000,000 people with Gbps doesn't actually have 1 Pbps bandwidth available to it. Most people should be able to get within 95% WHEN CONNECTED BY A WIRE TO MODEM most of the time and 90% of plan speed near all the time.

    Did you know your phone doesn't work if too many people in the same area try to use them at once because they don't actually have enough capacity to serve everyone at once?

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • I don't know why the ISP would initiate an upgrade you never asked for especially when they provide both faster speeds and better hardware as an up sell. If you want to live in 2009 it is indeed your problem. I made a fair bit of commission upgrading people to much much better hardware and speed for not much more money. Hi would you like your internet to be 20x faster and be able to use it upstairs for 15% more. Yes of course you do.

    You should wire

    • Your home office if you work from home.

    This is where your money comes from it should work as fast and as consistently as possible. Being 10% less reliable isn't acceptable.

    • Things that are literally right next to one another.

    If your console, cable box, and TV are all on the same shelf as the modem/router why are they competing for bandwidth with your laptop?

    • The connection between routers/access points if your space warrants more than one.

    The speed the second or subsequent devices are able to provide to all of its clients put together is limited by the speed of its connection to the first device and if its too far for a 5Ghz connection this wont be that fast. EG your upstairs router might support in theory a 600Mbps connection but if its connection is 80Mbps and 4 devices are connected an individual client may get as little as 20Mbps even if its connection to the router/AP is 600Mbps

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • I worked for an ISP. These problems are rarely ever ISP problems. It goes like this. ISP offers 50Mbps–1.2Gbps. If you are a cheap bastard and opt for the lowest tier plan you get a cheap hardware and if you don't ask for an upgrade you'll run that box until it doesn't work. So you have people rocking hardware that was manufactured in 2009 and installed in 2014 wondering why their cheap ass WIFI4 box installed in their basement doesn't work so well in half their house in 2024.

    What's more they have a download speed that would have been good in 2009 only instead of 2 computers they now have 20 connected devices and stream in 4K.

    What's worse is the rental on that shit WIFI4 box is about $20 a month or $2400 over 10 years so your paying for a BMW and getting a Pinto.

    Smart people buy their own access points preferably wifi 7. Get one per story of your house and connect them with a physical Ethernet cable. Arrange them so that they overlap but not that much so that you don't have dead zones. If you work from home get a proper desk and run a physical Ethernet cable to your device. Also if you have devices that are literally 2.5 feet from each other and they support physical network cables just plug them in. Don't be that guy spending an hour trying to figure out why his router and his printer/tv aren't friends when they are almost touching each other.