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  • Similar thing: I knew a guy that used to hit on girls by saying "I've got a cock that hangs 6 inches below my knee, want to see it?" If they said yes, then he would pull up his pant leg and reveal the tattoo of a rooster hung in a noose on his calf.

    He was already a good looking guy, so I don't think he needed the extra sauce, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have a great opener like that

  • My first bike
  • Do you have the space and tools to do a tire swap? The difference is pretty big. If you can, you might want to try dual sport tires. Be careful out there, smooth tires on a trail can be dangerous. Even gravel. Plus, knobbier tires will make the whole experience more fun and you'll be able to deal with slightly rougher terrain overall.

  • What was your worst work mishap, accident, or oopsie?
  • Years ago, when projectors were common in conference rooms. Someone was giving a practice presentation before the real deal in front of 80+ audience members. It was just our team of 8 or so the room for the dry run. In the middle of the presentation, there was a terrifyingly loud POP sound as the bulb blew out in the projector. It scared the shit out of everyone in the room. We all laughed after the initial shock wore off.

    One of my coworkers stepped up on a table to take a look at it. I was near him and I waited for silence in the room while he was fucking with the thing, and clapped my hands together very loudly, simulating the previous scare. He let out a shriek of terror and clutched his chest. Everyone laughed. Eventually he laughed as well, but said something like "damn, that scared me." Within a week he had a legit heart attack.

    He was ultimately okay, but I still think about it. I know I didn't cause it, but for a long time I couldn't shake the guilty feeling that I contributed to it. Oops. Sorry Ken.