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What's the most interesting traditional or formal politeness behaviour or table manners in your culture? Or for any service personnel, in your restaurant?
  • It's essentially a shibboleth, a way to confirm that you're in the "inner circle". Tribalism is still one of the strongest force in social science it seems, even if we start with lots of identical people they'll try to differentiate and discriminate between each other.

  • TIL the dev of Iron Lung, an acclaimed indie horror game, faced significant backlash over increasing the price from $6 to $8
  • Yeah, the other comment mention about AAA game increasing price from 60 to 70 and "no once cares" and it's fucking bullshit. Everyone would be in arms if it happens to a game that's already released.

    What they usually do now is selling it at 80 from the get go but it's another discussion. People go in arms when a game DOESN'T go into discount after some time ffs. The usual expectation is for a game to go cheaper overtime, not more expensive.

  • Yes
  • Now I'm curious on how the correlation actually lies, because it seems like it's actually correlated. When people can't enter, money is usually restricted too and vice versa, just like Russia is now. Of course there is smuggling, but it's for both money and people. Although maybe it shouldn't be money but "trade" in general.

  • Yes
  • It's actually disheartening that all communist countries become authoritarian. Theoretically with flat power structure, they should all become democracies. Maybe they ARE not communists.

  • What are some ways you think discoverability might be improved across federated platforms?
  • Yeah. This is the biggest one I think. Theoretically a community can be shared by all instances and each instance decide if they want to receive this post and this comment from that community. This way, there could be a community that have totally different meaning in two different instances, but it's still one name so it's discoverable.

    Although it seems like it'll be too granular. But it'll be funny seeing "This post is banned in 69 instances".

  • Now that we're finally out of reddit, can we finally get different tag for NSFW and NSFL?

    For the uninitiated, generally NSFW is for sexual contents and NSFL is for gory contents. People may want to see one but not see the other at any time for any reason. I have seen this feature requested over the years in Reddit but it never happens. Maybe now some instance can finally implement it?


    I can't open some communities in Boost?

    As someone trying small instance I have to explore other instances using good old browser and then try to open it in Boost. For some reason sometimes it just doesn't work, even for communities that are in! Ones I have tried and failed are:

    And some others I may have forgotten. For comparison, if you click it should correctly open in Boost instead of browser.