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Do you know any mobile games that don't suck?
  • Decidedly not arcade, but I absolutely love Shattered Pixel Dungeon as a phone timekiller.

  • NSA Claims It Can’t Watch a Tape It Recorded in the 1980s
  • I guess Foone could also have something.

  • Why haven't car manufacturers standardized automatic brake lights when a built in accelerometer detects deceleration?
  • I seem to remember that when BMW first rolled out LED taillights they did something like this — they were brighter when the driver absolutely slammed on the brakes. No idea if that was a concept or in production cars though.

  • big need
  • fitter. happier.

  • Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • UPS depends on usecase and on the stability of your electrical supply (which varies greatly from place to place). I just leave everything running and have it configured to restart automatically on power restore (if it fails, which it rarely does).

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • Yeah. OsmAnd (at least for me) suffers from the rather typical opensource thing that it can do lots of things and can be configured in a myriad of specific ways, and to use it you have to dive into it to configure them; Organic Maps, on the other hand, does less, but much slicker and simpler.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • The old is reborn and active as Organic Maps now.

  • Racing game recommendation
  • A rather different take on casual arcade racing, but I quite like Wreckfest.

  • 'Atlas' Road Locomotive, the UK, 1930s?
  • Look at the flywheel on that thing. Monumental.

  • The ascension of Sir Touch-Me-Not
  • Arcana x Thorns is some powerful stuff.

  • Leaked Documents Reveal How Google Search Gatekeeps the Internet
  • Overcast because it’s infinitely better than Apple Podcasts

    Hmm interesting, I use Apple Podcasts and have no issues with the app. What does Overcast do better in your opinion?

  • It looks pretty cozy
  • Putting “fur” back into “furniture”.

  • W for Water
  • airplane drinking problem.gif

  • 50 million rendered polygons vs one spicy 4.2MB boi
  • every day we stray further from god

  • Raspberry Pi Smart TV?
  • As I see it, they are close to parity on the video/shows side, but the music thing on Jellyfin is severely lacking for me. PlexAmp and all the special mix and radio features are where it's at for me, and so far I don't know of an open alternative to that.

  • Exercise bike that can store 2KWh of electricity
  • I always wondered why are they not generators as well. I mean, free electricity right there, however not much there is.

  • Finally managed to get an ascension with all upgrades in the staff
  • Yeah, that works together well. Also Elemental Blast with the Corruption (which makes all nearby enemies amok) is great for crowd control — sneak near, trigger, bail and let them fight among themselves.

  • Finally managed to get an ascension with all upgrades in the staff

    Battlemage with the Staff of Corruption becomes absurdly fun on high levels. The only issue is survival without tough armor.