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Louisiana lawmakers vote to remove lunch breaks for child workers, cut unemployment benefits
  • "We can't slave away other races, neither other genders, without maybe getting into trouble, who are the next most vulnerable target that nobody gives a shit about guys?" Holy shit man. These dudes are just evil and lazy as shit. Instead of trying they just want to do things the easy way, by fucking up someone else, every time since forever. Pathetic accommodated slavers. Probably have small dicks as well.

  • generulesity
  • Only an ignorant confuses a missing comma for illiteracy. You're missing an apostrophe btw, and it's "sorry that you weren't". Again, you said nothing there. Sorry that you're not understanding, but i said it because you didn't say anything relevant to the point, just like right now. But yeah, you're not that clever friend either way. You certainly are trying though.

  • Tim Sweeney emailed Gabe Newell calling Valve 'you assholes' over Steam policies, to which Valve's COO replied internally 'you mad bro?'
  • Oh Sweeney having a tantrum, when hasn't that happened monthly since like 10 years ago? Sweeney if you want more money than what you're already making, then fucking make better products man. Fucking asshole trying to win the game by crying to daddy government and having fits. It would be one thing if he was a small guy being treated unfairly, but this dude is in the elite as well, his company is a big name in the game, but he cries as if he was small potatoes being treated unfairly by big corpos. Fuck off, corpo trash trying to pass as a small boy. If there's a thing more annoying than a corporation being an asshole is an asshole corporation trying to pass as a victim.

  • Anon tries to lighten the mood
  • Lol anon's a dumbass. I work in healthcare and miscarriages are pretty common and for most people it's pretty easy to get pregnant again, by the story she wasn't admitted to the hospital so the pregnancy couldn't be very far. So it's not that big of a deal. That said, even if it isn't a big deal if you see someone crying you don't crack jokes lol. Have some tact and empathy. All that if the story was real, which it isn't.