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Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • imo, nothing feels more deep state than scotus serving a different america.

    also, i just saw some lemmy post a twitter pic saying said scotus ruling is unconstitutional. since the judicial branch is the one responsible with interpreting the law, we can probably tell what they are going to interpret "unconstitutional" as at this point.

  • Got a Point
  • The cost is to experience belonging in a group/ social thing with the goal of being healthy. the "crowd-sourcing" fee.

    also there's now a cost to running outside, gotta run for reals now.

  • What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • portable swamp cooler. it leaked and makes your carpet a swamp and maybe cooler. also luggable.

    roller-type kitchen knife sharpener. the finer edge sharpener actually dulls the knife more.

    tile tracker. it was so big, I didn't lose it. I also hate the concept because it works like insurance does.

  • Think he's lying?
  • the guy always lies. so my initial tendency is always say yes.

    the only difference here is time. it is pre covfefe time so the lies must still be bigly uncredible. he's got lots of teen pageants to go to before another session with his bruh epstein.

  • Do bugs get fat?
  • Apparently insects have fat cells too, like humans.

    Except humans can amass a huge amount of these in certain areas (like belly fat) while in most insects it is more distributed.

    Some insects are probably~ capable of "brown" fat too.

  • As the Elden Ring DLC beats the snot out of players, Hidetaka Miyazaki says toning difficulty down would "break the game itself"
  • for me, the "difficulty" lies in wind-up, cooldown and range of weapons. everyone also gets a "stagger"/balance gauge which adds more depth to your arsenal.

    the way you use that against the npcs uptime with the current terrain is a typical souls experience.

  • Chinese coast guard ram and puncture Philippine military boats in disputed shoal
  • imo, I think they're playing the plausible deniability card.

    They can always say they don't know what is happening in the lower ranks. Once the other side raises arms, suddenly they're going to play the self-defense card.

    On the other side, they preach about how asians should support each other against the power and influences of the west.

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