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As badly described as possible, what is your favorite video game?
  • you land on an alien planet, burn down trees, pollute the air, exterminate the native wildlife, drain the land of all natural resources, pave it all over with concrete, put some fish on a rocket, do not elaborate, leave

  • Why doesn't lemmy show communities in the 'all' section unless people from your server are already subscribed to him?
  • when a user (let's call them Kim) on one instance (let's call it "Works"), subscribes to a community on another (let's call that one "World"), Works creates a copy of the community on its own database. It also asks World to notify it when there is an update to the community -- when there is a new post, new comment, up/downvote, something gets deleted, etc. Kim can now browse and interact with the community on Works. Works will also notify World when Kim does something in the community so everything syncs and everyone sees the same thing.

    So really, the problem OP is describing is simply a natural consequence of communities not existing on Works until someone subscribes to it.