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kitsuneofinari 稲荷大神の狐

I am a loyal non-binary Kitsune servant of Inari Ōkami-sama. I have ADHD and I am bisexual. I draw and write as a hobby, and I'm a proud Linux user.

In my spare time I like to share Kemono/Furry videos and pictures of beautiful Kemono/Furry Femboys.


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Careful what you wish for
  • He wasn't merged with the suit. He became delirious from the heat and assumed because he could not get the suit off, that he merged with the suit.

    A peaceful thought to have when you are about to die of heatstroke in a fursuit.

  • Like it or not, I won
  • Sadly no, wish I had saved a link, I do have a screenshot though from when I was using Joey for Reddit.

  • Like it or not, I won
  • Boy this just takes me back to the 2021 No Nut November Turkey Fucker on the r/nonutnovember subreddit.

  • yiff📏irl
  • He has such an easy fix to the height problem right there...

    It's a standard tank toilet, not a commercial grade tankless toilet. Just take the tank lid off, place it next to the glory hole and stand on it.

    The tank lid should give him the extra 1.27cm (half inch) to get his dick in the glory hole.

    Sorry, my ADHD is at work and over analyzing the whole situation of the comic.

  • Man with ‘420’ head tattoo accused of decapitating female relative, fleeing with head [has been] arrested in San Francisco
  • Considering it is also owned by the same piece of trash that owns Fox News, and hasn't been relevant since 1976... I fully agree with this.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Ah, such a classic 2000's improv dub from ADV films... I still have the DVD's of this series.

  • Be honest, how much furry cred does this give me?
  • Is that a Maid Marion clutch in front of the backpack? I would so get it!

  • Has HP printers always been this bad?
  • HP inkjets are horrendous. I absolutely refuse to buy them because they are absolute junk. They have always worked, and I could connect to them with no problems with Android atleast. Windows finally could connect once I had assigned it a permanent local IP through the router. Though Linux had problems...

    But the build quality of HP inkjets are absolute horrendous and I probably can only get 6 months out of them and probably spent more on ink cartridges in a year before the stupid printers suffer a complete hardware failure and need to be replaced.

    The HP mfp 183fw colour LaserJet printer however... It is my second forray into HP laserjets since my dad's original black and white Hewlett Packard LaserJet beast from the early 90's.

    But I feel like I got incredibly lucky after doing some research into it (plus only thing I could get locally at the time since I needed a new printer immediately.) It cost more than any of the inkjets I have owned in the past. The toner carts definitely cost more... But it is still going strong a year and a half after purchasing it and I have only had to replace the black toner cart only a week or two ago. Have not had to replace the colour toner carts yet. It also just works on Linux which I am happy about.

    Like I said, I may have just gotten incredibly lucky though, I mean getting a year and a half out of it is still more than I expected and the money I saved because toner lasts much longer than ink.

    When and if this printer gives up, I will probably get an Epson laserjet.

  • rule
  • I thought that was Fred Flintstones car at first... Then I read the text.

  • Help Me Come Back to the Light...
  • Best alternative to OneDrive is NextCloud or OwnCloud.

    Though you will need to setup your own server (can be just some old desktop/laptop collecting dust or a raspberry pi) to run either one, plus get your own web domain (cloudflare I recommend for getting one.)

    But it is so worth it if you need cloud storage and want full control of all your files.

  • What's your favorite game through the ears of Original Soundtrack?
  • Always enjoyed Skyrim's soundtrack, but while I love it, I still enjoy and prefer Oblivions soundtrack more.

    Oblivion was my introduction to the Elder Scrolls universe and the music from that game has kinda become embedded in my mind. Just my general go to music for fantasy environments including for DND or Pathfinder sessions.

    I love Morrowinds music too, but if I had played Morrowind back when it first came out, I would have ranked it's soundtrack higher than Oblivions.

  • Share a link to something you like, and maybe ask a question.
  • I chose Yiffit about a day or two before @[email protected] opened the instance up for signups. I think I might have been the 6th maybe 7th user to sign up when it finally opened up?

    This was during the exodus from Reddit over the decision to outright forcefully get rid of third party apps. And reason I chose it is because none of the other instances appealed to me. Yiffit however, being both a queer and furry instance appealed and I've been here ever since.

  • "Nevermind" by MyNeighborAlienFungi
  • I feel so called out right now.

  • Should this go in /c/Frugal?
  • Let's be honest, you see someone walking alone wearing this and holding a knife on Halloween night or anytime of the year at night, it will be pretty terrifying.

  • New proposed tags for andromorph, gynomorph and intersex
  • Hmmm... I personally do not care for [G*] for Andromorph and [L*] for Gynomorph.

    Wouldn't it be just as easy to do [AM] for andromorphs and [GM] for gynomorphs if we have to use two characters to represent them? I mean [AM] and [GM] combined together atleast give us a very good hint at what is meant. Personally I think it would be easier than [G*] or [L*].

    For trans characters, it might be easier to tag with the asterisk added. [M*] and [F*] seem to work, because [TM], while it might work for Trans-Male, [TF] could easily be confused for Transformation rather than Trans-Female.

  • How do I give up on them?
  • Treat it like a very bad breakup or an abusive relationship.

    To simply cut them out, you need to accept the fact they are bigoted and hateful. They do not care unless you go back to whoever you once were. Remind yourself of this as you go through your phone and delete their contact information, email, etc. Then put their numbers, emails, and even chat clients like discord, matrix, or whatever, and even other social media platforms you are on to keep in contact with them and block them.

    Remove them in everyway possible, do not give them any rhyme or reason for it. They know what they did.

    Is it going to hurt? Yes it is going to hurt, extremely. But, use this time to be with friends and any family like you're dad, who do care. Talk about it with them to let them know you've done this. Explain your reasoning for cutting these specific family members out of your life. They won't get rid of this pain, but can help alleviate some of it by comforting you.

  • I think the mascot here deserves a name.
  • How about... Amne?

    It's a Swahili girls name meaning Safe, Secure.

    Our instance is a safe and secure place for those who are both furry and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

    I feel like our instances mascot's name should reflect that.

    But that is just me.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Nah, he just be prepping Squilliam's chocolate starfish.

  • GOP congressman calls for execution of “sodomy-promoting” US Army general
  • In a better society, Trump and Gosar both would have been executed for treason.

  • A Queen in thought

    0 FBI Seizure of Mastodon Server is a Wakeup Call to Fediverse Users and Hosts to Protect their Users

    We’re in an exciting time for users who want to take back control from major platforms like Twitter and Facebook. However, this new environment comes with challenges and risks for user privacy, so we need to get it right and make sure networks like the Fediverse and Bluesky are mindful of past...

    FBI Seizure of Mastodon Server is a Wakeup Call to Fediverse Users and Hosts to Protect their Users

    Just got through reading this article from the EFF on the FBI raid and what happened with it.

    Rather interesting and the recommendations the EFF give are smart and sensible for admins, users, and developers.

    The article concentrates on mainly mastodon, but everything can still apply to other fediverse software like Lemmy, Kbin, Pixelfed, etc, etc.


    Better give it to her...


    Another day, another downvote.


    Non-Furry Lemmy users reactions to Yiffit


    furry memes that turned me into a femboy fox!

    cross-posted from:

    > Created by Barley the Cat


    Well we don't!!!

    New Communities on 稲荷大神の狐

    /c/furryvids: Furry Videos

    A community where you can share SFW and NSFW furry videos from all over the web! ∑d(°∀°d)


    Relative Link: /c/[email protected]

    Link: [email protected]


    Chibi Kitsune in the Woods Playing

    I just got through working on this just now. Wanted to draw Tomoe Chibi style since I've never actually done that.

    Well. It's not the perfect super deformed Chibi style, but I still think it came out nice. Played around with shading a lil more. Probably should have added some highlights to the tails and ears at least. Ah well. ( - _ - )

    Also had fun painting a lil mountainous forest background to go along with it so it wasn't all plain and drab.

    incase anyone is wandering, the thing he is holding is the Jewel of Inari Ōkami-sama, and the thing laying beside him and the Jewel is the Key of Inari Ōkami-sama.


    Finally... Some GOOD News!


    Delicious Loaf


    Notices... Legoshi tries furry rp'ing

    He needs some more practice.#BEASTARS #legoshi #louis----------------------------------------follow me on twitter: me o...

    Legoshi tries furry rp'ing

    just wanted to feel feminine

    cross-posted from:

    > Tonkatsu Sauce for Everyone! (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)


    proper party attire!

    cross-posted from:

    > Tonkatsu Sauce for Everyone! (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)


    Fursona Redesign

    10 days ago, I uploaded an old design of my femboy Fursona Miyagi Tomoe. Which you can find here

    Today, I am uploading the full redesign of Tomoe That I have been working on in much of my spare time.

    I have included a new more simple facial markings so as not to confuse my fursona with another furries OC in the future. Though it is hard to notice in this.

    I also made one other major change and that is giving gold tips to Tomoe's Tails. Something I had thought about adding in the past, but never did. Finally decided to add it since it did look nice and makes for a good accent colour.


    Artistic Integrity? What's that?


    just blocked bot.

    Title kinda says it all. When trying to browse New, cause I like to see new posts and new discussions cropping up, every 5-10 posts it seems to be a post from the rss feed bot gathering posts from reddit and posting them here. And their is like one new post from a human inbetween. (・`ω´・)

    This was rather... Annoying to say the least. It kinda bugged me because it feels like a bot run amuck trying to Karma farm when their is no karma to be earned here. (¬_¬;)

    I like to see posts and discussions from the community here on Lemmy. Not stuff from Reddit because a bot is sharing it. (눈_눈)

    Now I get it, sometimes their can be useful or interesting things shared by the bot and some people may want that. Some of you use it to get more yiff than you do here on Lemmy and I fault none of you for that. (Though I got an RSS reader on my Fedora install that takes care of the yiff content from reddit for me.) ( ̄ω ̄;)

    Now I know it is a problem I have and I fixed it by blocking the bot. ( ´ ω ` )

    But it does leave me curious, how many of you use the bot to get that extra dose of yiff or any other content from reddit? Or were you like me and blocked the bot due to how annoying it has become for you? (•ิ_•ิ)?



    Tonkatsu Sauce for Everyone! (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

    The artist is a Chinese artist named Jeacn.

    Yes, they exclusively posts to nowadays. I checked all available reverse image search tools and cannot find their artwork anywhere else. They did have a DeviantArt account a long time ago, but it hasn't been updated in 14 years.


    Night Watch


    What, mortal?