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Pirated Movies Flood YouTube, Millions of Views on Compromised Channels.
  • YouTube(compatible with other video sites as well) downloader. It's a command line tool but highly versatile. Originally, youtube-dl used to be recommended but development nearly crawled to a halt on that.

  • Nothing sells 100,000 CMF Phone 1 units in three hours
  • Fairphone isn't available in many parts of the world. CMF's sales are boosted a lot by it's presence in India where Fairphone is not an option.

  • Mozilla defies Kremlin, restores banned Firefox add-ons in Russia
  • Which instance are you talking of? Hexbear, by any chance?

  • Google’s Privacy Chief Is Out And Will Not Be Replaced
  • He was entrusted with protecting Google's privacy; not it's customers!

  • Earbuds recommendations?
  • Skullcandy customer support/warranty sucked for me as well. My left earbuds started keeping barely half the charge of the right ones within couple of months of purchasing them. I had only used both buds simultaneously, so it was weird to have more drain in one. However, the support folks just returned my product as-is saying nothing was wrong.

  • 7 Common Linux Myths You Should Stop Believing
  • HowtoGeek used to be a legitimately good site back in the day but now has a proliferation of low quality articles. Also, uBlock Origin by default blocks it's links sometimes since they redirect via as well.

  • DRM Hell
  • Your original comment made couple of days ago is visible. It was just duplicated couple of times more in the thread and the mods deleted the duplicates.

  • Best way of pirating printed magazines?
  • Mobilism also has a huge case of magazines/newspapers updated on its site daily. Not every magazine is available, but most popular ones are.

  • Actually, Winamp is not going Open Source
  • The new one is just a web UI with options for streaming music. There were talks of the old original Winamp going open source though, which bought nostalgic memories to many. Eithercase, with so many music players on both Windows and Linux, I doubt Winamp would a niche case to fill.

  • What's your favourite F-Droid app?
  • It is honestly better than YouTube Premium. Watt Google should offer as part of its paid suite, an open source software does it.

  • What's your favourite F-Droid app?
  • Simple suite of apps used to be good until the dev sold it to some company, I think. The versions on F Droid are still clean, but on Play Store, they are riddled with ads until you pay, I think.

  • What's your favourite F-Droid app?
  • I have used Termux, even have it installed right now but apart from the odd cron job, I never used it for something heavy. You, sir, are basically running full fledged Linux with it.

  • George Lucas Defends 'Star Wars' from Criticisms That 'It's All White Men': 'Most of the People Are Aliens!'
  • Gone with the Wind was backward looking even for it's time frame. It's depiction of the South as a happy place for everybody wasn't agreeable by many films even then. Meanwhile, Star Wars is just a science fiction film, set in a different universe with little direct connotations.

  • DRM Hell
  • I have Prime but mainly for delivery stuff rather than streaming. I did finally download their Prime Video on phone. I still pirate their original content and stuff that's available on the high seas because honestly I would rather see it on my laptop than the smaller screen of my phone(and Amazon won't let me see even in 720p on Linux legally).

  • /e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • It officially supports 250 variants including many going over a decade back. If one were to include all smartphone models/variants released during the previous decade, it won't even hit the 10 % mark.

  • DRM Hell
  • Huh. I rented couple of old films and they previewed at full HD. Upon purchasing, they were viewable at 1080p. I was at the worst possible combination from these companies point of view(Firefox on Linux). I could be wrong but is it possible that it has something to do with the company renting out the movies themselves? YouTube Movies just acts as an intermediary, I think, and the main company providing the source is listed in the description.

  • /e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • I think the greatest hindrance to /e/ is the fact that so few devices are supported. The article lists Fairphone as a supported device but that doesn't retail in my country. Most Chinese OEMs (that form the bulk in my nation) won't be supported by it. I have had a Nokia and a Samsung but even those two models are nope. One would need to go with the express purpose of installing alternative OS's and then purchase supported phones like Pixel probably, if they wanna indulge in this. But normal people aren't gonna do this. They are going to purchase the phone that fits the price vs performance ratio for them rather than alternative OS criterion.

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • Recall does things that weirdly, a malware would have done back in the day.

  • Mozilla is adding tab grouping, vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI features to Firefox
  • I do not know why browser makers like Opera or Brave(and now apparently Firefox) is going hey ho over AI. I don't see a proper benefit of integration of local AI for most people as of now.

    As for vertical tabs, Waterfox got it just now. It is basically a fork of Tree Style Tabs and very basically implemented. I am honestly happy with TST on Firefox and while a native integration might be a bit faster(my browser takes just that few extra seconds to load the right TST panel on my slow laptop), it'll likely be feature incomplete when compared to TST.

  • Google Play System Update

    What is exactly Google Play System Update buried deep in the settings that can be manually updated and usually has a date of say, eg, May 1. Is it part of Project Treble from Google to decouple parts of OS from full system upgrades and make more Modular updates possible?

    Youtube Rant from a paying customer
  • I actually checked Nebula and it's the opposite of cheap in my country. It is THRICE as expensive as YouTube Premium on a yearly basis. I mean, even Netflix is cheaper than Nebula here, it's so expensive.

    I don't think they have done localized pricing and have just converted dollar values to local currency. I doubt they even care if anyone signs up from India for their service.