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What's the worst way you ever broke production?
  • My first time shutting down a factory at the end of second shift for the weekend. I shut down the compressors first, and that hard stopped a bunch of other equipment that relied on the air pressure. Lessons learned. I spent another hour restarting then properly shutting down everything. Never did that again.

  • It's the beer, I knew it!
  • Personally, it's amusing at best. In the same way as the girl in Jurassic Park using "Unix" to hack the system.

    That being said, I still give mad props for the development that occurred during that era.

  • Tesla
  • Yeah, that happens. That's why they make block heaters. The moral of the story is don't be a dick about people not knowing everything about their vehicle. I still argue with some of the smartest people I know about filling their tank before severe weather hits. We're not all on the same level, most people just expect it to work.

  • What tv show had a big impact on you?
  • National Geographic. Mutual of Omaha. Reading Rainbow. Magic School Bus. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Ghostwriter. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

    I grew up on PBS and books. Couldn't tell you if it was good or bad, but that TV had a lot of of impact on me.

  • Saving an image crashes the app now
  • Also having this issue for a few days now. I reinstalled yesterday and it worked once, but back to crashing. I'll keep messing with it. Anyone had any luck yet?

    E: seems to be any image, no particular instance. Tried clearing the cache and logging back in. Hmmmm

    E2: logged out, un-installed, and restarted my phone. Working now.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Watching TNG with my mom is one of the few good memories I have with her. Somehow she managed to go full blown religious nut, while I took those early messages of curiosity and compassion to heart.

    Happy birthday, friend. Let's continue to work on making the world, humanity, better together!

  • Isa Balado: Anger in Spain after man appears to grope reporter live on air
  • You are definitely right. That was kind of my point.

    It's sad that her immediate response was to feel the need to remain "professional", instead of slapping the douchebag.

    Hopefully more hosts, producers, and maybe eventually the public can start making this behavior not ok

  • Someone is trying to log in to my account from WINDOWS 7!!!
  • The TI83 Plus was my gateway drug. Learning BASIC and the fundamentals behind connecting it to my computer. Emulating software to test code on different models. It was fascinating and engaging. The fun and learning involved with doing anything and everything you can with the technology that's available to you is something that I think is lost for a depressing majority of youth now.