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He will weep.
  • It's literally the Latin counterpart of "trans" nobody in the trans rights community decided on that word. Trans in Latin means "on the other side of" and Cis means "on this side of". Cisgender - Transgender

  • Political unity
  • I think someone with a violent streak a mile long even as a child who became fascinated with populist revolutionary ideologies creating a new populist revolutionary ideology does not really make it inherently twinsies with previous populist revolutionary ideologies other than that they are both exactly that. I think it's pretty clear in hindsight that what Mussolini was really interested in was gaining power in a populist revolution, no matter the cost or method.

  • Political unity
  • It was pretty easy to paint them as the bad guys when they fully aligned with Stalin, before then, yeah, totally."social_fascism"

    "In August 1931, to capitalise on their growing popularity, the Nazi Party launched a referendum to overthrow the Social Democratic government of Prussia. At first the KPD correctly attacked it. Then, three weeks before the vote, under orders from Stalin's Comintern, they joined forces with the fascists to bring down the main enemy, the Social Democrats. They changed the name of the plebiscite to a 'Red Referendum' and referred to the fascists and the members of the SA as 'working people's comrades'!"

    My dude, they absolutely did, the KPD enabled Stalin to facilitate the rise to power of the Nazis by allying with them to fight the SPD. Fuck Tankies.

  • Political unity
  • Potentially violent revolution =/= authoritarian. Also Marx believed that in more democratic and free nations that nonviolent ways of achieving communism was actually plausible, he just didn't believe so for most of the world. He just had very little faith in existing power structures allowing the proletariat majority to take power away from them nonviolently, especially outside of a few already very "left" leaning democracies.

    Damn dude, stop making me argue in favor of pure Marxism, I'm not even a communist, I'm just a bit left of social Democrats personally.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • Ok, I should clarify, unfortunately I am someone who needs a navigation app that is able to know public transit schedules and routes. Offline is generally not gonna work as it's vital to have up to date info on rescheduling and rerouting.

  • Political unity
  • So naturally you realize that, despite authoritarian "communism" as practiced by the Soviet Union and China, inspired by Marxist-Leninist thinking and then by Stalin and Mao are just one interpretation of Marxism (which is one interpretation of communism/socialist theory) that diverged significantly in embracing something more resembling state capitalism and enduring dictatorship, whereas Marx viewed the dictatorship of the proletariat as simply describing the revolutionary transition to a classless society.

  • A scifi movie/miniseries or episode inspired by Childhood's End

    I don't remember a lot of details but I remember the human race ends up allying itself with a seemingly friendly alien race that agrees to give humanity advanced medicine and technology, but with the goal of slowly wiping out humanity through slowly making the species sterile. It follows a couple that is trying to conceive but has so far been unable to and the overlords keep reassuring them thR everything is fine just keep trying but the woman does digging and figures out what is happening but it's already too late. I think there is a time travel story where humanity is prevented from either coming into contact with the aliens in the first place or is warned away from making the deal.

    Thank you thank you, it's driving me crazy.


    Street Car and MAX train collide, both derail, two injuries TriMet Max train, streetcar collide in Portland, injuring two

    A crash between a TriMet MAX train and street car closed an intersection and pinned a driver, who had to be extricated by emergency crews.

    TriMet Max train, streetcar collide in Portland, injuring two

    Neat pink fog this morning