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Ars Technica reports Microsoft will add AI to Windows, to steal your corporate secrets
  • I know, but NK politically isn’t that far away from PRC.

    After the Covid lockdowns there is a saying in China:

    We thought that North Korea is our past, but now we know it's our future.

  • Ars Technica reports Microsoft will add AI to Windows, to steal your corporate secrets
  • Soon it'll be safer to use a Chinese Linux distribution than Windows.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • I'm staying a single user instance for a couple of reasons.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • As far as I remember they couldn't manage all the problematic content, especially comments with the limited resources and bad moderation tools in Lemmy to deal with the huge amount of people from the biggest instance.

    I'm on a very small one and am still federated.

  • Bernie Sanders: ICC ‘right’ to seek arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Israeli defense official
  • I think everyone has laws making invasions illegal, that does not seem to mean anything to the attackers.

  • Bernie Sanders: ICC ‘right’ to seek arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Israeli defense official
  • The USA have a law that they have to send the military to Den Haag in case the ICC tries to prosecute any US Soldiers or officials: ASPA or the Hague Invasion Act.

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • But what about the blue chat bubbles?!

    edit: /s

  • Das Baby kan laufen, und klettern ...

    Jetzt, wo der Kleine laufen kann wird es ziemlich anstrengend den ganzen Tag - fünf Tage die Woche - alleine mit ihm zu sein. Er stellt den ganzen Tag so viel Unfug an, er:

    • Steckt seine Hand in die Toilette
    • Wirft das Futter der Katze überall herum
    • Kippt das Wasser der Katze um
    • Klettert auf den Küchentisch
    • Klettert auf den Computertisch
    • Versucht, in meinen Computer einzubrechen
    • Schaltet den Trockner aus
    • Untersucht den Inhalt des Windeleimers
    • Schaltet die Waschmaschine an
    • Isst Katzenfutter
    • Leert alle Mülleimer für das Recycling auf den Boden
    • Räumt den Kleiderschrank aus und wirft alles auf den Boden
    • Peitscht die Katze
    • Jagt die Katze durch das Haus
    • Schimpft mit der Katze
    • Wirft Essen auf den Boden
    • Kaut an seinen Außenschuhen
    • Und so weiter und so fort ...

    Und er macht jede Sache immer und immer wieder den ganzen Tag lang, unermüdlich, wie ein Terminator.

    Medienzeit, Konsolen & Co. Wie macht ihr‘s?
  • Ich hab eine kleine Anekdote aus meinem eigenen Leben. Ich bin seit 20 Jahren in einem Chat mit anderen Technologiebegeisterten. Einer von ihnen (er ist auch hier auf feddit, hallo wenn du es liest :D) durfte als Kind keinen Fernseher gucken, die anderen schon, und ich und meine Schwester haben eigentlich ziemlich viel geschaut weil unsere Mutter seit dem ich 11 war oft krank im Krankenhaus war und der Vater mit 3 Kindern und zwei Schicht job ziemlich ausgelastet war.

    Der einzige Unterschied den ich festgestellt hab ist dass wenn wir anderen von unseren Kindheidserinnerungen schwärmen und willen wo von die anderen sprechen, kann der eine der keinen Zugang zum Fernseher hatte nicht mitreden. Ansonsten scheint das Fernsehen zumindest in dieser Gruppe wenig Einfluss auf das Erwachsenenleben gehabt zu haben.

    Jetzt wo ich selbst Kinder habe stört es mich vor allem wenn wir zeit zusammen verbringen wollen und die Kids die Disziplin nicht haben um vom Gerät loszukommen, also sperrt sich das iPad automatisch nach einer halben Stunde. Das scheint einfacher zu sein als jedes mal aufpassen zu muessen.

  • Solve a puzzle for me
  • Here is my attempt:

    A man and a goat are on one side of the river. They have a boat which can carry both of them at the same time. How do they get to the other side?

    The man and the goat can both get to the other side of the river together using the boat since the boat can carry both of them at the same time. Here's how they can do it:

    1. The man and the goat both get into the boat.
    2. The man rows the boat, carrying himself and the goat across the river.
    3. They both disembark on the other side.

    Since the boat can carry both the man and the goat simultaneously, there are no restrictions preventing them from crossing together in one trip.

  • Germany, Sweden lukewarm on tariffs on Chinese electric cars
  • The Chinese own Volvo Cars, which is a big employer in Sweden, so they have quite some leverage with the government.

    Mencedes Benz, BMW and VW sell most of their cars to China, they know that this will be impossible once China closes their market. And those car manufacturers again are the biggest employers in Germany.

  • Bytom, Poland
  • Damn, ale sie poli.

  • Why don't people care about human rights anymore?

    I feel when Bucha happened in Ukraine still a lot of people were shocked and outraged. But somehow this extreame achievement of the human race to formulate human rights and at least try to defend them is withering away.

    • Genocide in Gaza, meh.
    • Genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh whatever.
    • Genocide in some African country again? They always have some genocide going on there
    • Genocide in Xinjang? Look they are dancing in the propaganda videos, how bad can it be?
    • UK sending refugies from all over the world to Rwanda? They categorized it as a save country so what's the Problem?
    • Guantanamo is still open? We haven't heard much about it for years, probably everything is ok there

    I could go on and on. So is it just the times now that nobody wants WWIII so we are just looking the other way? Even worse, if you want to protest for human rights, you get into trouble, not just in dictatorship countries, but in Germany, US, etc.

  • This is too close to reality for me, here take my upvote!

  • ‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • I never watch the same movie/TV show more than once, so I don't see a point in hording this data. So for me the UX of streaming is most of the time preferrable than having a physical media which I need to carry to the new appartment every time I move.

    This is different with music, where I listen to the same Albums hundrets of times. There I can deal with vinyl and many files on my computer.

  • ‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • But Netflix never let me buy a movie or TV show. They just sell me access to their library for a limited time.

    I bought some music from Apple, DRM free and I downloaded it and have it on my own hard drive, and share it between all my devices.

    Apple also sells you access to their library for a limited time like Netflix, but then you're not buying the songs, you're buying access to them for a limited time.

  • ‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • I'm just confused about why people are so mad about it. In other cases where you rent space to put physical things you own so you can still access them later this happens too. Let's get into an example, and you guys tell me if I'm misunderstanding something:

    If you have a car and have to change between summer and winter tires and you don't have space at home to store the winter tires during the summer, you can go to a tire-hotel and they will 1. Sell you new tires, 2. switch your tires - a service you pay for - and 3. store the tires for you until next winter - a service you pay for too. Once the company goes out of business (or they focus on a different business) they tell you to get your tires or they will be discarded if you don't. So you have to get them from them and you stop paying for the storage.

    Isn't it the same with the movies you buy and store at a place where you then rent storage to keep them there? As long as they allow you to download your purchases I see no difference. You can't make someone else to keep working the same job until the heat death of the universe.

  • Jedna rodzina, 4 paszporty
  • Dwa tygodnie. Ale to jest tylko taki tymczsowy który jest ylko warzny jeden rok.

  • Massiv protest mot folkmord och intolerans under Eurovision - Svenssons Nyheter
  • Dock fick Israel över 300 påeng från telefonomröstningen (bara Ukraina - som också är i krig - och Kroatien fick också över 300), så deras soft power propaganda maskin verkar fungera väldigt bra.

  • Hong Kong Government seeks to remove protest anthem from the entire internet
    Glory to Hong Kong ban

    I think it's about this song:

    Driving in Japan

    Driving in Japan with the wheel on the right side. The first time I did that last year I drove on the wrong side of the road about 5 times and got a shock every time when I saw all the ghost drivers just to quickly realize that it's me who is driving the wrong way. This year it only happened one time, so my brain seems to adapt to that better and better.

    Pancake lens for Sony A7C?

    Are there pancake lenses for the A7C? While in Japan I saw a lot of older japanese guys with some camera which I couldn't identify, it looked like some digital remake of some older camera, but what struck me was that they all had this pancake lens which made the whole package very thin and small.

    My A7C is also very compact already but the 35mm 1.8 lens is, while very compact, by far not flat, so I can't put it in my pocket for example.

    It doesn't need to be very fast, because I will use it mostly outside in good light.

    Eine Familie, 4 Pässe

    Wir sind eine Familie mit zwei Eltern und zwei Kindern und jeder von uns reißt mit einem Pass von unterschiedlichen Ländern.

    Jedna rodzina, 4 paszporty

    W mojej rodzinie jesteśmy dwuch rodziców i dwoje dzieci i mamy cztery różne paszporty.

    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena
    A Small Group in South Korea Has a Big Homophobic Agenda Opinion | A Small Group in South Korea Has a Big Homophobic Agenda

    Radical Christians are working to erase L.G.B.T.Q. visibility from schools and ultimately, South Korean society.

    Opinion | A Small Group in South Korea Has a Big Homophobic Agenda
    한국 Lemmy 커뮤니티 / Korea Lemmy community Jeena
    Learning Korean is so difficult :(

    I've been living in Korea for about three and a half years now. I have the language around me, my partner and her daughter speak it at home. But for some reason I am not learning anything from being exposed to it for such a long time.

    I tried using apps like Duolingo, Drops, etc. but practically nothing really stuck, perhaps a word here or there. I watched Korean Dramas with English subtitles, but because the order of the words in a Korean sentence is the opposite to English I would never be able to know which word is which.

    Two month ago I saw some Korean Teacher advertising 1-1 teaching of Korean so I decided to try it and to pay for help, because I feel I'm really stuck. Now after 2 months she expressed frustration about my progress. She asked me why it's so slow, if it's the first time I'm learning a new language (no, this is my 5th language I'm learning).

    It's very frustrating. I feel I invest a lot of the little free time I have into it and it's embarrassing how little I have to show for it. The Korean words are so totally different from the words in my other Languages (Polish, German, Swedish, English) that they more often than not blend together and I remember and hear mostly gibberish.

    I always hated learning grammar and vocabulary in every language. And somehow with the other languages I magically got to a level where I would just be exposed to the language and could watch TV and talk to people and would get better at it without much effort.

    But Korean proves to be very difficult for me to get to this point. I get that I only will get there with consistency and a lot of grinding, there seems no other way for me.

    7 Ukraine pressures military age men abroad by suspending their consular services | CNN

    Staying abroad “does not relieve a citizen of his or her duties to the homeland,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba warns.

    Ukraine pressures military age men abroad by suspending their consular services | CNN
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