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Bandit flashing that toofer


One of his favorite spots

Noki likes to sleep on the foot rest of the couch.

Sovcit didn't have her Royal Decree respected.
  • What if the real deep state is the people who convinced you not to pay your bills so that they can come in and buy your shit for pennies and turn it into a rental property? Isn't that more believable?

  • Attack mode activated

    I cut this dog toy open and filled it with catnip. All my cats really like it. I also filled a sock with catnip and tied it in a knot. They mostly prefer the sock but I think it's because there is way more catnip in it. Lol


    I wonder what it's like to be that relaxed

    One minute he's an absolute terror and then just flips the switch to ultra chill mode.


    Seat's taken

    I'm actually saving this spot for a friend.


    Evolution of Scooter

    Pretty impressive glow up. He looked so runty the day we brought him home and now he's just a real handsome dude.

    Sovcit argues with a cop, doesn't go well for sovcit.
  • I don't want to give credence to their bullshit but they believe that "driving" is only done commercially. So if you're operating a motor vehicle for personal errands and such you are simply a "traveler", but if you are operating the vehicle to deliver goods or services then you are a "driver".

  • Sovcit argues with a cop, doesn't go well for sovcit.
  • Their arguments about needing a license for driving vs traveling are dumb but I can at least kind of see where they are coming from. The part about not needing insurance is what dumbfounds me. Like if a sovcit gets in a wreck do they think the person they hit will just accept a fucking coupon?

  • A YouTuber let the Cybertruck close on his finger to test the new sensor update. It didn't go well.
  • We've got a 2019 Rav and I can't remember how, but you can adjust the height that the door opens to by some series of button pushes. We had to lower it so that it doesn't hit the frame of the garage door when opening it inside the garage. Maybe just adjust it so that it doesn't open all the way and it'll be easier for her to reach the button?

  • My bosses overseeing the yardwork
  • They love sun bathing out there. I got one of those window inserts that has a cat door built in and I cut a square out of the cage that lines up with the window so they can go out anytime they want. 😻