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FTC bans most noncompete agreements between employers and workers
  • Unfortunately these are common in the healthcare industry. There are currently Healthcare workers who are being sued over this. Yeah, the companies may not ultimately win in court, but the workers can't even afford to hire an attorney to defend themselves.

  • Wall Street has spent billions buying homes. A crackdown is looming.
  • "The Government of Canada has announced a two-year extension to an existing ban on foreign ownership of Canadian housing. The Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act (the Act) was set to expire at the end of 2024, it will now be extended to January 1, 2027." Between foreign investment on U.S. housing ( who almost always pay cash so are less affected by borrowing costs) and corporate investing firms, the average American Family is pretty much hosed. Allowing unchecked investment practices in housing not only significantly drives up prices, but also property taxes. It also discourages investment in neighborhoods and local culture as investors are not forced or incentivized to maintain their investments (housing) so the houses then fall into disrepair or sit empty. For example, in my neighborhood, the local elementary school is struggling to stay open due to sharply declining enrollment as there are so few families that actually live here. Its full of investment houses that are overpriced and falling apart.

  • ‘They’re sending a message’: harsh police tactics questioned amid US campus protest crackdowns
  • These protests are essentially pro-humanitarian. The over all philosophy of treating innocent people with respect, dignity and empathy no matter your race, ethnicity, gender, religion, color etc should be an expectation without threat of violence and/or death. At no time is it acceptable to kill or injure innocent people/civilians. Particularly children. Maybe these protests need a rebranding to pro-humanitarian protests.

  • Apple announces largest-ever $110 billion share buyback as iPhone sales drop 10%
  • Its so convenient. Just take your tax refund from the taxpayer, buy your stock back, exercise (cash in) your stock options that were given to you by the company and deposit the money into your bank account. Who needs consumers?

  • Dairy worker bird flu case shows need for protective gear, US CDC study shows
  • How about reevaluating our Dairy husbandry practices as well to address overcrowding and feed quality of the cows? Its healthier for all. The cows, the workers, the quality of the milk and ultimately the health of the people. The cows are crammed into barns where they spend virtually their entire lives indoors. They are fed all together with processed food made from literal chicken excrement that they eat off the floor through confinement systems and head slots. Its a dismal existence. Why are we not talking about this? It has been proposed in the past that the practice of feeding dairy cows chicken litter ( poop ) be banned due to the risk of contamination, yet we still allow this practice in the US.

  • Why does the government of the USA stand by the country of Israel?
  • This is the question of the century. Maybe decades from now, there will be a book, then a movie. My only guess is that they have something dirty on our politicians. Something so egregious that they are willing to sacrifice almost everything to keep it quiet.

  • How Would You Handle Students Cheating?
  • A bigger picture may be; why is sending kids home for break with homework. It is my opinion, that people learn better when they actually have a break during their break. in my opinion, this is a tactic to prepare kids to think its normal to work all the time. That breaks are never actually breaks.

  • Have you ever seen coal in real life?
  • We burned coal for heat on the coldest of nights when we lived off grid on a ranch in the mountains of colorado. We only used it if we absolutely had to as its super stinky, dirty and gross. We would get maybe two or three big chunks a year that weighed maybe 1-2 lbs. You can go up into the mountains and see the huge mountains of coal from the mines that have shut down. There are also rows of of coke ovens in monument canyon (used in the 19th century to turn coal into smelting iron)

  • ‘On life support’: Hospital officials warn dozens of rural Alabama hospitals are at risk of closing their doors
  • Rural hospital aren't eligible to receive the same pricing on drugs as large metropolitan hospitals bc they are unable to satisfy the indigent designation that falls under 340b. This gives large metropolitan hospitals an enormous advantage in "profit" off of steeply discounted drugs. Hence the reason why many of the small hospitals are assimilated by large hospital networks. Also the large hospital networks have a lot of buying power bc of their purchase power (volume) and can negotiate volume discounts with manufacturers furthering their advantage. The US uses a system called average sales price (ASP) by CMS (medicaid and medicare)to determine the amount the government will reimburse for any drug. As these enormous hospital entities negotiate steep discounts, this lowers the overall reimbursement price (ASP) for any drug which makes it almost impossible for the small hospitals to even make enough to pay for the drugs as reimbursement by CMS falls much less have enough to pay for administration ( IV infusion, nursing, pharmacy, overall care, etc). It is a very unfair system. The large hospital networks aren't incentivized to provide care to rural residents bc there is literally no money in it. So they force those residents to travel to larger hospitals to receive care. Its a tragedy that these small hospitals are dying. This limits healthcare access to people who live in these areas. many of whom cannot afford to live in large metropolitan areas due to the high cost of living. Small rural hospitals also have a very difficult time finding staff. Physicians, NPs, PAs, Nurses etc. The cards are stacked against them. This isn't a handout. This is a failure of a capitalistic system that is unfairly applied to the human right to receive healthcare. Large hospitals should be required to provide care to residents in these underserved areas. Particularly when their C suite administrators are taking in millions in bonuses every year.